It is February already – can you believe it?! My brain can barely comprehend it. Mainly because I have only been back at work for just over two weeks. My bosses are fab and gave us the longest Christmas holiday – so you’d think I would be bright eyed, bushy tailed and raring to go, right? So wrong.

I wore pyjamas for probably about sixteen hours a day during the holidays so having to wake up early, put on my face and pick out an appropriate outfit was not my favourite part of going back to work. Well, enter Superbalist stage right, who will save your work-ready wardrobe in an instant.

Apart from their incredible sales which range from 25% – 60% off – don’t forget you also receive R250 off your first order with a purchase of R600 or more! – their family of brands is extensive. I swear each time I log onto the site they seem to have added yet another fabulous local or otherwise unattainable overseas brand which I have been dying to purchase from!

Now, back to the actual theme of this post. Work-Ready Staples. I work in an office environment, albeit a chilled one. Usually my voice is heard and my emails are read by more people than those who actually see me. However, 2018 sees my role at work progressing into a more “in person” role and I will be seeing clients three days out of five. This means I am one of those rare characters who needs two wardrobes. First I need a “please give us your business, don’t I look fancy today? wardrobe. And then a “so super chilled that I even walk the 250m distance to work” look. Thankfully I don’t have to spend my first six month of the years’ salary on my wardrobes. I was astounded at how many Work-Ready items I freaking LOVED from Superbalist that were under R400. Most were even under R300! I’ve been so inspired by these clothes that I’ve finally treated myself to wardrobes with sliding doors to keep them all in!

For user friendly-ness, I have added the URL link onto the link itself. So all you need to do is click on the link and it will automatically direct you to the page to check my Work-Staple choices out.

THE item at the top of my “must-have” list at the moment! Available in three colours and one patterned. A pair of culottes are perfect work attire and these are a measly R209! –


Say what you want about leggings. I wear them to work with pride (and in comfort!). I especially love that these come in a two pack and go over your hips (love handles be gone). –


Can you say work ready at the front, party in the back? The most adorable thing I have seen all year! This is by a brand called dailyfriday that I have been beyond obsessed with of late. –
Bell sleeve tops have always been a favourite of mine. Always! I adore this work appropriate neckline yet mixed with a fun and flirty pattern. This must-have of mine is currently UNDER R200 –


I have wanted a black mini skirt since my colleague wore one this last Summer. Just ADORABLE and will suit Winter perfectly worn with sheer or opaque black stockings. This skirt is also shockingly close to R200. –


If you had to ask my boyfriend, he would tell you this is the most “Rayne” dress on the entire site. I love a soft flowing material with a delicate pattern. You would be comfy in this whether you were sitting at your work desk or driving all over town seeing clients. (I also die for those shoes) –


Another “so Rayne” dress. I love the flowy shape and black looks flattering on everyone. The V neck gives it it’s appropriateness and the bell sleeves are a delicate and feminine touch. And it is another one for under R300! –


This shirt is practically a pyjama top and therefore fits into my preferred style of clothing. I also feel supremely adult-like when I wear one of these. Like no one will mess with you when you wear a blouse like this! –


And lastly, something for a Friday, or possibly an early day, at work. This divine off-the-shoulder option will show off a tan to perfection. I also like showing off my back but I am not a fan of my upper arms. This is pretty much the perfect combo of the two and, can you believe, it is currently on sale! –


Originally I had picked out 20 of my favourite Work-Ready items to feature today and I somehow managed to whittle it down to just these 9! I am such a huge fan of Superbalist as well as most of my friends being just as obsessed. Now I am going to finally log out of my blog and finish my online shopping…

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Rayne xx