It has been four months since my last empties haul and I have had these current products’ images sitting in my drafts folder for what feels like EVER. I honestly think I have about twenty new product empties since then, but I had not even posted about this lot yet – bad blogger!

I used to split everything up into categories like hair, skin, body & shower and makeup. But it just takes forever to gather up five (or more) of each category. Also, it is super rare for me to finish any sort of body wash or make-up item – hence there is not even one make-up item in this post! Also, most of these empties will already have dedicated blog posts, in which case I will pop the link in and only write a line or two more.

Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash – Coconut Milk and Jasmine

This entire range was an absolute home run for Dove! And this scent of coconut was my number one highlight of the range. It smells incredible and it is very moisturising as well as leaves your skin feeling soft. It ticks every box in terms of creme body washes.

Kair Smoothing Anti Frizz

I have literally been using this spray for about seven years. Since I was in high school! To be entirely honest, it is not amazing, but it so affordable that I kind of just chuck a new one into my basket at Clicks every few months. It is light weight and it kind of tames your frizz – not hugely so. But as it does not make your hair oily, I opt for this one over other anti-frizz sprays . Price: R49.95


Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask

This was either a second or third time repurchase for me and I will getting another one ASAP! It is, to date, my favourite hair mask on the market and at R54.95 it is an absolute steal. The tub is 200ML and lasts my waist length hair about ten washes. There are one or two other variations in this range which I would love to try but… why change when I know what I love?! Full blog post here.


Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub and Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub from Sorbet

I have dedicated posts on each of these variations from when I ran my Sorbet Scrub Series. Both are great granually scrubs which are not too harsh. I do prefer a really rough scrub so, as much as I adore these, I won’t repurchase. If they were in my shower I would reach for them, but I won’t spend my money on repurchasing. I am sure you know that feeling! 😉 However I do LOVE the fact that they are R45.00 each!


superfoliant from dermalogica

Laaaawd. The superfoliant has a firm place in my top 5 skincare releases of 2017. I absolutely LOVE this. I feel the benefits on my skin immediately after use. 2017 was the year that air pollutants were really bought to our attention in terms of harming our skin – and dermalogica were one of the forerunners in developing a product to help against it. Full blog post here. Price: R1 180.00 for a huge 75g tub


Classic Medium Hold Hairspray from Toni & Guy

Sooo… at the sake of being honest. This is ONLY finished because my boyfriend uses it daily! If this happens to be the first blog post of mine ever that he reads, he will kill me. I rarely use hairspray but when I do, I love this one. It is only a medium hold and I have quite heavy hair and it works perfectly. Boyfriend claims it is lightweight and leaves no residue, and I can attest to those attributes. I have no idea of the price, I cannot find it online. But I am sure it is not too pricey (or else I would not have purchased it – it was not a media drop). And the can is HUGE – easily six months to a year of use out of it.

Black Seed Oil Shampoo from Kardashian Beauty

While I have reviewed Kardashian Beauty hair tools and other Black Seed Oil products in the past, I have never done a full review on the Black Seed Oil Shampoo or conditioner. And they are fine. Nothing incredible. They do a great job and I especially love the conditioner. I used to be a huge fan of the scent but as time goes by I am slightly turned off by the peppery Black Seed scent. The price is R175.00 for a 360ml bottle which I find VERY affordable for a high end shampoo.


There we go – I can finally chuck these bloody empty containers out now! (I think I say that at the end of every empties post – LOL!) I feel like I really wrote much more about each item than I needed to seeing as most of he linked to a dedicated blog post. Oh well! I really find this genre of blog post so tedious to write but I do really enjoy them on other peoples’ blogs. Let me know in the comments – do you enjoy empties posts?

Rayne XX