I don’t know what to start this blog post with other than the title itself. But really, me using stick contour? Please! So the fact that I am currently using the NYX Wonder Stick daily is insane.

And I mean it. I have used this almost every day for the past month or so. I am a “light contour every day” kinda gal. Not a Kim K carved face, but I need a little something something to slightly alter the shape of my jaw because I have a VERY manly jawline. I have so many powdered contour shades that I love so I can’t even tell you why I decided to test the Wonder Stick.

Wonder Stick NYX Wonder Stick NYX

It is so creamy, so blendable and so soft on the face! I go in with my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush ever so lightly and it buffs in seamlessly and perfectly. My whole reason behind not using cream contour 100% comes down to me not having the best blending skills. Buuuuut this product makes life so easy. I started off with just using it on my cheekbones and now I am carving up my face like an American at a Thanksgiving dinner.

I pretty much outline the perimeter of my face: sides of forehead, high up on my cheekbones, down both sides of my nose, the protruding parts on either side of my jaw and this past week I have been experimenting with the middle of my forehead to try and shorten the appearance of my forehead (my fivehead).

Wonder Stick NYX

One thing I have to mention is that I am not as in love with the highlight side. I would rather have a double size of the contour! The highlight is nice enough that I will use it on my cupids bow and underneath my eyebrows. I think it is because I have quite a light shade (there are six options) so the highlight isn’t as popping as I usually like it. The more popping the better! Technically the shade I have is ‘Universal’ but I am so pale and I could possibly go for a darker shade.

The Wonder Stick from NYX Professional Make-Up is available from Clicks and the actual NYX stores! Yep, we have those now. Our nearest one is located in Canal Walk. The Wonder Stick costs R200 and if you are considering taking the contour leap, I suggest this being your starting point.

Wonder Stick NYX
The simple packaging has a step by step instructions on the side. Just in case you had not seen one of the bajillion Youtube videos yet.

I am considering purchasing the Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo next…. look at me being all brave! Let me know if you have used this and if you love it as much as I do.

Rayne XX