I only just uploaded my January Faves 2017 post a little over a week ago and here we go with yet another. This is totally my punishment for leaving my last Favourites post so late!


Si eau de parfum by Giorgio Armani –

laaawd above. This is definitely my current all time favourite perfume. Including main accords of vanilla, aromatics and woody scents. As a result, I call this the perfect blend of flavours for both younger and mature women. I just find it to be the cleanest and freshest scent available. I AM OBSESSED, I LOVE THIS PERFUME. This is a real favourite!

February Faves 2017


Avène Tolerance Extreme – Cream – 

I have been trying to keep to skincare products with intensive hydration properties and this is one of those. This hydrating cream can be used day or night and it is very thick. My dehydrated skin just slurps it right up. I honestly slather this all over my face and my neck and it just feels so good. I used to prefer a much lighter option of face cream, however my skin is just so dry of late and this seems to be working miracles.

February Faves 2017


Bold Liquid Lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden –

I posted these on my Instagram and got loads of compliments on the product. I have two shades, Passionate Peach and Seductive Magenta. Both are stunning in very different ways but overall the wear on these lipsticks are amazing. The lipsticks last a good five or six hours without needing to be re-applied. I have only ever worn these shades without a lipliner and I haven’t needed one either. They don’t feather and they don’t bleed either.

The only miniscule downside is that after you have had it on for about 8 hours the formula starts to ball up and feel tacky. All you need to do is apply another layer of product on top and all fixed. So it is barely a problem at all.

February Faves 2017


Shade 02 in the Matt Matt Matt Lipstick from essence – 

This product is one from essence’s capsule range that they released in October. I only have this one shade so I cannot speak for the others However, shade 02 is AMAZE. The sleekest, smoothest formula that a matte lipstick can be. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But it is a stunning 90’s grunge shade and it lasts hours without a primer or a liner. It goes on beautifully and barely shades for the first few hours. I definitely need to get off my butt and grab a few more shades.

February Faves 2017


Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory –

Okay, I am gonna do it again but I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH. I though that nothing would ever beat out my beloved Sorbet Pomegranate & Grapefruit Sugar Scrub but this just sliiightly whips it. This Soap & Glory scrub smells like heaven. The scent is shea butter, oats, maple and sugar and a whole lot of daaaaaamn. It is possibly my favourite scent ever. It also contains organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts but thankfully there is no trace of banana scent. I would not be about that. It is the perfect scrub if you need a good, intense, deep scrub. The granules are large and quite harsh, not for someone who wants a light exfoliation. I just love it and pretty please, mom, if you are reading this. Please bring some tubs over for me in March?

February Faves 2017


Sweet Orchid Monoi Body Oil from ELEMIS –

 And finally, the third product in this post that has me raving over a scent. But just look at the ingredients. Monoi and Mauve Butterfly Orchids, coconut oil and vanilla. It is a soothing and relaxing scent which is meant to de-stress and ground the user. And it smells like a luxe, high end product. I don’t know if it is a placebo effect or what, but I definitely feel the stress released when I use this oil.
The lid of this bottle is not the easiest to get on and off once you have the oil on your hands, and the bottle is glass which always freaks me out.
Most of all, it is specially designed for dry and parched skin which, you all know, I am mega struggling with right now! Furthermore, it is also able to be used on hair, nails and skin which is fabulous and so multi-functional. This is definitely a winner all around with all women. If you look up the reviews online, you would be hard-pressed to find a negative one!

February Faves 2017


And there you have it, my February Faves 2017. The fact that we are already into March is beyond shocking… :/


Rayne XX