Introducing the essence trend edition bloggers’ beauty secrets palettes!
This post is going to consist of both snippets from the official press release as well as my own review of one of the palettes.

bloggers’ beauty secrets


“My favorite beauty product is… top secret and super sought-after: which products do bloggers and trend setters like and why? essence worked with four of them to develop the new trend edition bloggers’ beauty secrets. Offering beauty multi- talents from January 2017. Diana zur Löwen from Dfashion created a true all-rounder with her “touch up to go!” palette while Palmira from beautypalmira focuses on the eyes with her “vintage rose” palette. With “shape & shadows”, Mary Oliver from Strikeapose presents a contouring palette for the eyes and brows in keeping with the latest trend, and Serena Verbon from Beautylab ensures a wow-complexion and fabulous eye make-up for the summer with her “the glow must go on” bloggers’ beauty secrets palette. On top, the bloggers have revealed their favorite beauty tips, but shhhhh, they must remain top secret.”


bloggers’ beauty secrets


essence bloggers` beauty secrets – the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting palette + nail polish by Serena

Shine bright! With her “the glow must go on” palette, Serena ensures a radiant complexion for all! Three different bronzers in warm shades. These can be used individually or in combination to create a fresh glow. While the two eyeshadows offer eye make-up styles with a glam factor. The highlighter emphasizes the best facial features and can easily be applied and blended with the mini-brush – just like the bronzer. The nail polish in bright turquoise is sure to get you in the mood for summer. The bronzing and highlighting palette is available in 04 the glow must go on, around R104,95 and the nail polish 04 shine bright, around R34,95*.

Now that I have basically copy and pasted the official nitty gritty info. No skaam whatsoever. We can get down to MY opinion noq.

Last April we attended an essence event and these palettes were on display. Us bloggers pretty much went nuts as we had never even heard of these new palettes. Turned out we could all choose one BUT could not post it online until Dec! I decided to not take a nail polish as I am not a fan of nail products. That has changed since then, my own fault!! That was 8 months of not using or posting images of all it’s glory.

As soon as I saw the four palettes, I knew this one screamed my name. As far as I remember, the three ladies I was with all chose the same palette. Go Serena! Anyway, I have left it alone until early Feb because I did not want to tempt myself and then get the palette all dirty because taking the blog photos. I am contemplating buying one of the other palettes. Who doesn’t love limited edition palettes!



The palette contains six shades in total. Two eyeshadow shades, one highlighting shade and three face bronzing shades. I swatched all the shades on my arm, as well as used them multiple times, before forming an opinion on them. Immediately upon seeing the swatches it was obvious that a lot of thought was put into the formulations. Way too often you get a “face palette” but the shadows, blush, foundation etc are all the same consistency. A little blush brush is also included in the palette. I haven’t tried to use it yet but it seems to be of standard quality.

The eyeshadow shades are a very smooth consistency with only a bit of fall out from the top layer of product. You get a really REALLY nice opaque colour from the Sandalwood shade once applied. I found Cinnamon to be much less opaque. You would need to really build up the product to create an opaque shade with Cinnamon but the colour works perfectly with Sandalwood to create a smokey eye. So alone, Cinnamon would need a lot of product. But if used with Sandalwood, it is the perfect combo. They are also totally matte. Yet again, perfect for our upcoming Autumn.



The highlighting shade is slightly more chunky in consistency. It is a very white shade which I would use as an eyeshadow base. Alternatively it could be used as a highlight in smaller areas. I wouldn’t use it on my face as I am very pale and this just won’t work with my skin tone. Someone darker than me could get a really healthy glowy look with this once properly blended out.

Then finally, the bronzing shades. I was really worried that these would be super chunky and thick. A lot of the more “affordable” palettes on the market contain cheap products. These however really are a dream to work with. They are very easy to blend and give a great glow to the skin. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind them being slightly more milled, but overall they are great to use and blend together. The colour range also has something for every skin tone. You would be hard pressed to find someone who can’t use this product!



Fan can read all the info on the other three bloggers’ beauty secrets palettes by Mary, Palmira and Diana at You can purchase the palettes can be purchased from Dis-Chem stores nationwide.

Rayne XX