Welcome to my second part of my fave brushes post – where I show you my favourite pocket friendly face brushes as well as some dupes for a few of the more high end brushes featured in my previous post.


Beautique brushes in 17 Crease Blender and 18 Crease shadow brush –

If I am ever asked which affordable brushes I suggest, Beautique is the first brand that jumps to mind. They have two ranges. The range with colourful bristles and the range with silver handles. The silver handled range is incredible! Ranging from R17 – R60, I wouldn’t mind if I was only using these eyeshadow brushes for the rest of my life. I keep meaning to buy a few for the future. (God forbid they ever discontinue the range). So that I don’t have to wash them as often as I currently do 😉 I would compare this 17 Crease Blender to the M.A.C 217 fluffy brush and the Sigma E25 Blending Brush. You can purchase these in most Edgars stores.



Real Techniques Powder Brush, Real Techniques Blush, Real Techniques Setting, Real Techniques Brow Brush –

How the beauty lovers of South Africa rejoiced with RT finally launched here last year! I still purchase all my RT brushes overseas as they are slightly more affordable in the UK. However, now you can pretty much get the entire range here at Clicks (albeit not the range that was released in Jan 17′. All four of these brushes are absolutely amazing. The Powder brush is a great dupe for the Sigma F30 Powder Brush – it is slightly denser but the brush handles and head are almost spot on.
The Brow Brush is currently a favourite beauty product of mine. It works amazingly well with brow pomades and I have been using it this entire year. The setting and blusher brushes are also beloved brushes of mine and have been for years now. I would absolutely recommend all four of these brushes to anyone!



PS Pro Handled Brush Size 3 & PS Pro Stippling Brush –

These are two affordable brushes which took me by surprise. I bought them at Primark in the UK for 3 and 1.5 pounds a piece. That is, like, R55 and R35 each! The handle brush is a rip off of the Artis brushes and, while I have not tried the originals, I am sure this is not even half as great.

I do love how dense the brushes are and I love that the longer handle allows you to have more control. The head of the brush is super bendy because it is of a lesser quality, I would assume the real brushes don’t bend at all.

So while I am loving this brush, I wouldn’t be surprised if it snapped right in half.
The Stippling Brush is pretty much a standard duo fibre. It isn’t incredible but it is nice, and at the cost of R35, I would buy another six and have a whole load on hand for all different products.


elf Small Stipple Brush

Yet another duo fibre brush. This little brush is so fab for undereye concealer. It is meant to be a foundation brush but it is small. (What is this, a makeup brush for ants?!). I find it works perfectly for undereye concealer and any colour correcting of small areas on your face. I also like to use it on my T-Zone if I am ending with a small dust of powder at the end of make-up application. This is also unfortunately not available in SA but, if you can get hold of it, then do it! It is only three dollars or something stupid.


Cheap cheap fan brushes –

These are complete no name brand brushes. I didn’t even buy them myself, my friend bought a huge 21 piece brush set from Groupon and she didn’t know what these did. I on the other hand could not find any fan brushes for love nor money anywhere in Cape Town. They are very different designs yet both work beautifully for highlight. I absolutely LOVE the smaller one!! It is so fine and delicate yet it packs on the product softly and beautifully.

And that it is. It was so difficult to narrow it down but we would have been here forever if I had listed all my affordable brush faves!

Rayne XX