Truth be told, this post should be titled ‘How to NOT use your Yankee Wax Tart Melt’.


I posted a post a few days ago with info on where you buy the candles in Cape Town and then I made a few silly mistakes when using mine so I thought it write up a quick post with some tips.

First off, just use half of your wax tart. The saleslady advised to only use half but I wanted a super intense smell so I burnt the entire thing but:

1) unless you are using a legit Yankee Candle burner, it will overflow.

And 2) the smell is just as intense when using only half. Duuuuh.


You can get about 8 used out of one tart – so why not get 16 uses out of two halves?

You don’t want your burner to end up like this. Rookie error on my behalf.


The best part about the wax tart melts? Once melted and you have had enough of the smell, all you need to do is wait for the wax to harden (takes about ten minutes) then you can remove it to re-use OR store it away to use at a later stage.


The wax tarts themselves are very easy to store. I simply use empty Ferrero chocolate boxes and line them up like this.


I also mentioned above that the smell is INTENSE. For example I burned a Salted Caramel tart on a Tuesday evening and then the FOLLOWING Sunday my sister asked me to please blow it out because it was giving her a headache. No jokes.

Also, if you are sensitive to smells then I would suggest starting off with the more subtle and softer smells such as Clean Cotton and Fluffy Towels. My sister is susceptible to headaches and she said she became so nauseous from the smell of Salted Caramel. And, unfortunately for her,  thats the smell which lasted well over a week. She has now asked me to please NOT burn any more at home just in case they also make her sick. So sorry for her but that won’t be happening haha. The point of this drama is that you should start off with some softer smells. Maybe Aloe Water?

If you are into candles then these definitely ARE the best of the best, the creme de la creme, the bee’s knees and the cat’s pyjamas. So go on and get yourself one (or seven). You won’t regret it!

To view where you can purchase Yankee Candles in Cape Town, check out my last post here. 

Rayne XX

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