I don’t like to post negative reviews on products too frequently . I’d much rather focus on the positives in a product and also mention what is negative about it. However I have realized that I have to be true to my blog and as a beauty blogger you will come across negative products now and again. These five items are really from the last three or four months – I almost never meet e product which I don’t love.


1. The L’Oreal Skin Perfection Soothing Gel-cream Wash – I struggle to put into words what I don’t like about skincare products. Overall, I love a face wash/scrub/cleanser based on how my face feels afterwards. Generally I love gel face washes but this just left my face feeling tight and sticky, as if I had not rinsed my face off properly. The smell was also a bit off-putting; it smelled plastic like. I did use it for a good three or four weeks as I had heard good reviews on the effects but it really did nothing for me.



2. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – My reason for disliking this is very similar to the above reasons. It just did not do anything for my face. My face felt more sensitive after using it and it had a very odd and soapy smell. I did mention more indepth feelings on this product in my Clinique skincare review here. Also, it hurts my heart more because its not exactly cheap.



3. Make-Up Revolution Lip Geek Lipsticks – I am such a fan of Make-Up Revolution in general so that makes these even more of a disappointment. They should really be marketed as sheer lip colours. They’re lovely and moisturising but – I have a burnt orange, red and plum – they all give SUCH a thin colour payoff. And if that’s not bad enough, the colour wears off after less than an hour.



4. Woolworths Caramel & Cream Shower Gel – This may just be the nicest smelling shower gel I have ever smelt (and I am not a fan of sweet smelling body products) but the second it hits water it changes into a horrendous soapy smell. Not great :/ The consistency and the way the gel work is like a simple normal gel. The soapy smell is just so so unappealing though.



5. Beautique Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush – This makes me sad. It especially makes me sad because I always rave about how the Beautique brushes are my favourite brand of affordable make-up brushes. However ‘Ultra Fine’ is the complete opposite to what this brush creates. I have tried it a few times with all different kinds and brands of gels and it only creates thick goopy eyeliner. I would definitely NOT repurchase.



And thats it for my disappointing products thus far! Have you ever posted about your worst products? I’d love if you leave your link below!

Rayne XX

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