I feel like every time I do a lip look all I say is I LOVE THIS, THE COLOUR AND PIGMENTATION IS GREAT AND THE FORMULA IS PERFECT! Which I kind of do, but its only because I am only going to feature lip products which I love (or at least quite like). But, but but but, this NYX Lip Crème IS SUPER GREAT! I am so impressed with this and I give it a twelve out of ten. It’s my ninth lip look ever and so far it’s got the top bullet. I have a frightful amount of these lovely lip cremes arriving in one of my international box swaps (okay, okay, fifteen to be precise) but I had not yet tried this colour because I thought it was a bit too Barbie pink for me. Alas, I was given this by a friend and just decided to swatch it on my arm and I just loved the consistency of it. Lip CRÈME is the most perfect name for it. The texture is creamy and rich but thick enough that when you apply it on your lips it does not run in the slightest. It applies smoothly and – even though I usually use a lip brush as opposed to the NYX applicators- I really found that the applicator worked perfectly.

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It lasted longer than most of my lip products too. I applied it at around 1pm and when I got home at 6.30pm it was perfectly in place and the colour had only faded minimally. SO impressive. The smell is also nice, like a sweet smell, and not in a sickly cheap lipgloss kind of way.





All in all, I love this and I feel like the colour is not too bright after all. It actually makes my hazel coloured eyes look a lot more green! I am so excited to get into my other NYX products – once they actually arrive. *Side eyes at the South African Post Office* But that is another story for another day…