I was soooo excited when these popped up in my local pharmacy. I have seen them online of course, and we have a nice selection of LA Girl in Cape Town but I had never been able to find these. Then one day out of the blue BAM there were about fifteen colours in stock. I grabbed two of the vampy colours called ‘Eggplant’ and ‘Caberet’ as they’re always what I gravitate towards. When I saw that they were only R19.95 ($1.6/1.14 Pounds) I had to grab a duplicate of each.




I first wore the LA Girl lip liner Eggplant and I was SO happy with it! I expected it to be a bit darker as it looks like a deep purple but its more cherry. The pencil is super easy to use and usually I go for lipliners which are more silky than anything else and these are definitely mattified, but it works. I did use a clear gloss over just because I was going out for lunch and I did not want to be constantly topping it up or smudging it – it is a VERY vibrant colour so smearing it would be hellish – and the gloss finished it off perfectly. Our waitress that day complimented me and asked what shade I was wearing (hey, heeey) so an overall winner, I’d say.


horizontal use eggplant


Today I wore Caberet and the colour payoff and pigmentation was, once again, outstanding. However, the real colour compared to what it looks like is a tad different. It seemed to be a dark brown with red undertone”Kylie Jenner” kind of colour but it is more of a deep deep red. All in all both colour payoffs were really similar. In the picture below I am wearing the lipliner alone, as opposed to above where I am wearing it with gloss.

**I have used a different filter on these photos. The sunlight was VERY bright when I took the pictures and the colour of the lipliners was altered. These filters were the ones which showed the proper colour best.


cabaret use

My ONE negative comment would be that sharpening it is horrid. I ended up sharpening it three times before it worked properly again. I cannot wait to get my hands on more though!

With flash


Without flash


 A few days later I found that they had another purple pencil called ‘Deepest Purple’ which did not have a red undertone like above. I am dying to try that one out! Unfortunately there were none left but I will be on the look out..

The direct link to order online is here.

Have you used these liners before? What did you think of them?

Rayne XX

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