Hello helllo you fine person and welcome to my first ever LOOK POST!


When I started my blog I knew that it would be predominantly beauty related as that is my thing but I also knew that it was a good idea to keep things fresh and exciting (I sound like I am giving relationship advice) and branch out into new areas so I thought I’d dabble in the most obvious one; FASHION.

I am in no means a fashion fiend. I have PLENTY of outfits, a huuuge variety of handbags, and enough pairs of ridiculous heels to keep a small country footwear forward for a few years, but I am just not one of those people who keeps up to date with fashion and knows what goes with what. May Joan Rivers rest in peace but I’m sure some of my outfits have her rolling in her -no doubt, mahogany and silk lined – coffin. So these look posts will be my attempt at trying to keep myself and my closet in check! So here we go…


This outfit was basically something that I threw on for a sushi lunch date with my girlfriends at one of our favourite restaurants. It is a bit high class and fancy, yet it also has a laid back feel to it. Originally I was wearing flat sandals with the skirt and then I thought “What the heck, its almost Winter, take advantage!” and I put on these gorgeous teal and beige chunky heels.



Look Post




Llets just say that when it comes to photography (I JUST got a tri-pod, people) and posing, I am no expert. I am hoping these aspects will get better with time, but please bear with me for now. I literally took 40 pictures and these four were the only usable ones!


Look Post IMG_1583



Top – Edgars

Skirt – Mr Price

Shoes – Qilisi

Handbag – Forever New

Necklace – from Thailand


I kept my hair pretty casual and messy and I had a full face of make-up on which didn’t show up too well on camera, but I like that the overall look was quite ‘Smart/Casual’.

IMG_1586 IMG_1589

As you can see I barely managed to get my shoes in. You kiiiind of get a side view in this last picture!

Thanks for stopping by!
What would you wear a lunch date with your friends? Send me your links, I’d love to see!