Looking for a full coverage AFFORDABLE foundation? Revlon ColorStay Full Cover has you covered! {REVIEW}

Looking for a full coverage AFFORDABLE foundation? Revlon ColorStay Full Cover has you covered! {REVIEW}

Remember the iconic glass bottle pump Colorstay foundation that we all owned and loved for years? (I still have FOUR bottles sitting on my vanity – I really need to chuck those). I don’t even know if those are discontinued or still on shelves but Revlon has hit the beauty ball out of the park with these ColorStay Full Cover Foundations.

The ColorStay Full Cover is a new revolutionary whipped formula which feels lightweight yet looks full coverage on the skin. Yes yes, heard this before have we? That’s right, on most foundation packaging. But if you’ve been following me on Instagram over the last month you will know this is an absolute GOLDEN product in my eyes.

ColorStay Full Cover

First off, the price point. This costs R179 and is available at all Revlon counters nationwide. It is such a rare occurrence to find an amazing AND affordable foundy! The affordability of some of the best drugstore foundation products means looking your best doesn’t need to break the bank. So yes, this is going to be a super ravey review. The coverage in my opinion seems to be more of a medium to high coverage as opposed to a full on full-coverage BUT I only go in with a light hand. I just have no reason to wear a super full cake face of foundation. I am sure this can build up nicely to a full coverage should you want it to be. But the coverage IS incredible indeed.

Packaging wise it is in the usual 30ml size. Weirdly enough, when I posted about this on Insta a couple of people messaged me asking if the tube is smaller than average. I don’t know if there is some sort of illusion going on but a foundation, nine times out of ten, will be a 30ml size. I like the tube aspect as it is far more hygienic than an applicator which seems to be the preferred style of foundation launches of late.

Due to the mousey/whipped consistency of the ColorStay Full Cover I enjoy using my fingers or a stippling brush to apply the foundation. It has been AGES since I did not have to use a sponge with my foundations.

Right off the bat you can tell that even though it is matte foundation, there is a dewy addition of some sort. This is due to the built in primer which I had NO idea about (read the press release in future, Rayne) so there I was chatting on Instagram stories about how incredible this matte foundation was because it did not leave me looking flat and dry. Hmmm. Thank goodness a fellow blogger DID read the press release and posted the serum knowledge on her Instagram.

The ColorStay Full Cover is available in 14 shades. This is somewhere in the middle for me. It is not a terrible shade range and it is not brilliant. What I did notice is that the shades on the tube are very true to colour. I picked two shades based on their online swatches and they are a perfect match for me. For reference I use shades 220 and 240.

Overall I highly recommend the ColorStay Full Cover foundation. I have dry skin which usually would be a no-no when looking at matte foundation. Thanks to the built in primer I can wear this an entire day without ending up looking like a dried up cake face.

Below is my face at a Chanel event (if you wear a drugstore foundation to a Chanel event you KNOW it is lekker) after having the foundation on for 11 hours. Yes, seriously. I applied it at 7am and this was at 6pm. And I did put lipstick on after snapping this pic!

Will you be picking this foundation up? Let me know in the comments if you have tried it!

Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 11:59 AM

    Oh wow…this sounds fantastic! Revlon foundations are usually a bit pink on me….but I hope I find my shade in this.

  2. Megan at 2:03 PM

    I usually opt for light coverage but am keen to give the ColorStay Full Cover a try.