The most gorgeous brush set I ever met: the Bold Metals Spotlight Collection {REVIEW}

The most gorgeous brush set I ever met: the Bold Metals Spotlight Collection {REVIEW}

At the beginning of this year I reviewed the Core Collection brush set from Real Techniques. I received such great feedback from ladies (and many messages letting me know you had purchased the set yourself!) that I knew I had to let you all in on another favourite set of mine, the Bold Metals Spotlight Collection.

I have been using this set since December last year but, thanks to me being a weirdo who takes photos of each and every single beauty related purchase before using it, I had some lovely photos to go along with this post. Trust me, these brushes are currently covered in product and would not look very cute in a blog post.

I received the Bold Metals Spotlight Collection in December as part of a campaign and – no exaggeration – I let out an actual squeal when I opened it up! I had been coveting this set for the longest time but I just could not spend the money on what I thought would be a brush set “just for looking pretty”.

Bold Metals Spotlight Collection

Bold Metals Spotlight Collection

How wrong was I…

First off, this exquisite set includes a soft cover brush roll. Fabulous for travel (I took it with me to Mauritius this past April) and it is much more convenient than the usual hardcover brush cases that you see with most brush sets.

Each of the brushes is designed with a weighted handle for optimum comfort and control. The refined artistry cut of the brushes allows for high performance and the ultimate application of make-up. The bristles of these three brushes are also meant to be softer than previously released collections.

The largest brush in the set is the rose gold 300 Tapered Brush. This applies highlighter, bronzer and powder beautifully. I prefer to use it to pack on powder highlighter as the tapered sides and dense (yet super soft) bristles work wonderfully for this. You are able to achieve both a light handed or a very concentrated highlighter effect.

Bold Metals Spotlight Collection

Second in the Bold Metals Spotlight Collection is the 102 Triangle Concealer Brush. This is very thin yellow gold handled brush. I thought this would be the one tool in the set that I barely use but I was pleasantly surprised! If you are like me and need to do some serious tidying up around your winged eyeliner every time you apply it, then this is the brush for you. It is very densely packed and allows for a very tight and precise line. I go in with concealer around my winged eyeliner and this blends it out seamlessly for that cat eye makeup look.

Online it is advised to use the 102 Triangle Concealer Brush for packing some super intense highlighter!

Bold Metals Spotlight Collection

Then, as much as I have raved about the previous two brushes, this 203 Tapered Shadow brush is the best of the lot. In fact, it is my favourite blending brush of all time. Now THAT is a bold statement.

The brush blends like an absolute dream. You could take your chunkiest, chalkiest shadows in your make-up collection and, paired with this brush, you’d still be able to create great looks.

Online it is described as densely packed but I find it to be super soft. There are still loads of bristles, but they are not hard or densely packed. I would highly HIGHLY recommend snatching up this brush the second you see it available.

Bold Metals Spotlight Collection

At the moment the Bold Metals Spotlight Collection is not available on the Clicks website but you are able to purchase Bold Metal brushes separately. I cannot remember the exact price but it was in the zone of R450 – R650.

And the best of all? They look damn beautiful sitting displayed on your make-up vanity!

Rayne XX

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