Babor Review #2 – Anti-Aging Sun Care Sun Spray Lotion {REVIEW}

Babor Review #2 – Anti-Aging Sun Care Sun Spray Lotion {REVIEW}

And here we are, another installment of my BABOR review series! 

Anti-Aging Sun Care Sun Spray Lotion

This has been my year of making a concerted effort towards wearing Sun Spray Lotion daily. I used to despise it for two reasons. I was under the impression that it would make my skin oily. And I hated that SPF scent on my face. This BABOR suncreen however contains a light fresh scent, barely any trace of old school SPF. It does not contain zinc which means there is no trace of white left behind on your skin. And, being superficial, if this left any white residue behind I would not wear it under my make-up.


Sun Spray Lotion


There is a list as long as my arm of all the nasties that this sunscreen does not contain. However, I am keeping my review superficial and letting you know that it does the simple things I need from a face Sun Spray Lotion. It applies tacky-ish but that disappears after only a few minutes. There is no feeling of tightness. The SPF 15 does not sting your eyes. And there is no residue or scent.

All these things, as well as protecting my face from turning into a prune earlier than it needs to is why is this is my fave sunscreen of all time. And a final positive, the sun block expels from the bottle in a fine mist, there is no tube of sunscreen that comes out and needs to be rubbed in at the same rate that could start a fire. This big bottle is a lot larger than the usual sunblock size and it comes in at R490. You can purchase it directly from 


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