Tips for Bargain Hunters! {HERE’S AND THERE’S}

Since I posted my ‘Luxury Cosmetics Haul’ post and mentioned how I am always on the lookout for a bargain, I had loads of people asking where they can find out about beauty sales and warehouses. So I decided to throw all my favourite tips an tricks into one post.

1. Always ask stores – and especially at sale time – where they send their over runs and left over items. You might feel embarrassed but trust me, these sales people put items aside for themselves to buy at the cheapest price possible.

One time I casually asked this question (because I totally could not afford the R1800 coat that I had my eye on) and the salesperson told me that they had an entire floor IN THE SAME BUILDING which was basically a gigantic warehouse sale. I purchased this gorgeous detailed winter jersey for a quarter of the original price.



2. Join online newsletters where companies email you with info regarding sales an specials. For example, here in South Africa, Woolworths holds an annual Winter and Summer sale where items go for 75% off, and all point card holders are contacted and allowed access to the sale one day earlier than customers who are not card holders. These companies usually also let you know about massive warehouse sales that take place.

3. Try to keep track of the sales. Stores stick to the same schedule and all their mid-season an annual sales are held at the same time every year. You can make sure to plan your pay cheque around these sales in advance 😉

4. Always sign up for a point card if available. Most stores have a point system in place and what is better than earning “money” while you spend money? Nothing. Point card holders usually get benefits that other people don’t (as above at Number 2) and some stores hold specials such as ‘3 for 2’ or ‘certain percent off’ which only card holders can take advantage of. Be sure that you apply for a POINT card and not an ACCOUNT as you can get yourself into some serious debt *side eyes at you Edgars*.

5. Always always always try and give your email address to someone at a warehouse sale so that they can be sure to contact you when other brand houses are having their sales.


6. Joining online make-up forums where people sell make-up is also a great idea. As long as you are making sure that what you are receiving is either only swatched or gently used. Sharing make-up is never a good or very hygienic idea but the amount of girls out there who purchase pricey make-up and never use it is crazy!

I once bought an amazing Sephora palette from a lady for R120 that she originally paid around R1000 but she hardly wore make-up so after swatching a few colours she sold it on. I also bought a smaller Sephora palette from local blogger Irina for less than half of what she would have originally paid for it.






7. Keep your eye out in magazines for specials and coupons. Never be embarrassed to use coupons! The site Groupon offers online coupons which you pay for and print in the comfort of your own home. Easy as anything.

8. Subscribe to sites that sell items at bargain prices, or sites that like to run seasonal sales and 3-for-2 sales. For example One Day Only, Spree, Zando and Daddy’s Deals. I have bought from all four of these sites with no issues at all. I purchased my limited edition GHD Wonderland from One Day Only at 43 percent off. Such a bargain.

Here is a list of some great factory stores for the local Cape Tonian ladies;

Indigo Factory Store: 16 Evans Avenue, Epping Industria 1, Cape Town, 8000 – This store is basically the warehouse for Rimmel, Yardley, Adidas, Cutex and loads more. If you are into perfumes then this is the place for you. I personally purchased a 100ml Lady Gaga Fame perfume for R130 when it usually retails for R675 and the 100ml Katy Perry Killer Queen for R200 when it goes for R700. They have a very big selection of celebrity fragrances.


Cosmetic XS Cosmetics Beauty Factory Shop: Unit 5, 11 Celie Road, Steenberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa – Not the greatest of factory shops but they have a nice mascara and nail selection.

Access Park: Shop A5, Block A, Access Park, Kenilworth, Corner Chichester & Doncaster Roads, Kenilworth, Western Cape, South Africa – I am yet to visit this store myself but I have been told it is all high end skin care and cosmetics being sold for less than half the price.

Elizabeth Arden Factory Store: 75 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa – I LOVE this place. I have bought many a birthday/Christmas prezzie here! Great selection and a lovely store, not at all the kind of place that you would expect a factory store to look like. They also stock a few celebrity fragrances but I would suggest this store if you are looking for high end skincare products.

Sassy Fragrance and Cosmetics Store: 288 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa – Mainly fragrance and bodycare items but you can sometimes find amazing make-up specials. They occasionally have great NYX and Revlon specials but you cannot guarantee it.

Shop 6 and 7, Brickfield Park, 18 Brickfield Road, Salt River – I have not been here in over a year but it used to be awesome and always overflowing – and I mean OVERFLOWING – with great underwear brands such as Triumph, Playtex, Girls Inc., and of course, Wonderbra. Usually you would pay R300 for a plain t-shirt bra and they go for around R80 at the outlet.


I hope you found a few tips ‘n tricks to use in the future.  Now, be free and spend money!

Rayne XX



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