Valentine’s Day! A day we get to celebrate once a year.. but this year is a little different.


A leap year Valentine’s Day is a rarity that we only get once every four years. Leap Day is celebrated on 29th February (once every four years), and it is considered traditional for a woman to propose to the man in her life. However, social etiquette is becoming a thing of the past and I say go for it.. man or woman, Leap Day or Valentines Day, go ahead and spoil that special someone in your life. Be sure to make sure your loved ones know how much they mean to you.


My love language (and my partner’s) happens to be gift giving (ok fine, and gift receiving) so Valentine’s Day is a beloved holiday for us.


Take a peek at a couple of the gifts I have on my Superbalist Wishlist for him…


Some classic-themed undies are always a goodie! These red and white boxers from Diesel are so lovey dovey and you cannot help but smile when looking at them.Valentine's Day

Sleepwear is also always a sure winner. No offense to the wonderful men in the world.. but most of them would sleep in raggedy old pjs with no problem at all! So spoiling them with a nice new pair of pajamas is usually a surefire win. This casual sleeping T and matching top and shorts are both potential gifts for my man.

Valentine's Day

Fragrance are somewhat seen as a cliché gift to give, but in my opinion it is such a special gift. Who doesn’t want an expensive fragrance gifted to them? And it sort of guarantees that the wearer thinks of you whenever they spritz it.


Scents are so personalized but two classics I would suggest are Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Davidoff Cool Water. I love that Superbalist offers both original fragrances and parallel import, ensuring that there is an option for everyone.

Valentine's Day

If these gift ideas are a bit too Valentinesy for you, I would then suggest going with something for the home. A cute matching coffee mug set would appeal to any man. And you can add the extra bonus of a ’10 cups of coffee’ coupon 😉

The Excellent Housewares mugs are of brilliant quality! I have about 3 sets are they are all fantastic. These beige Stoneware cups from H&M are also stunning.

Valentine's Day

Wishing you all a brilliantly beautiful Valentine’s Day!