When I chat about fragrances on Make It Rayne, I am generally raving about it. This is because I won’t chat about anything that I am not in love with. Gone are the days where I would feature products that I was not such a fan of.. but I do not have the time these days! However… I was especially intrigued when La Vie est Belle en Rose landed on my beauty desk because the original La vie est belle is my favourite fragrance of all time. 

Truly. La Vie est Belle will be my wedding fragrance one day. It is my “special occasion” fragrance and I would only be slightly exaggerating if I told you I considered naming my unborn daughter Belle… It is THAT beautiful. So when La vie est belle en rose arrived on my beauty desk I knew it had to be superb to better the original.

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La Vie est Belle en Rose

La Vie est Belle en Rose

With notes of peony layered atop the original La Vie est Belle notes, La Vie est Belle en Rose EDT is a hybrid expression of femininity and freedom.

La Vie est Belle en Rose. Created for Lancôme by two stars of French perfumery as the adaptation of the iconic tasty iris addiction of La Vie est Belle with great modernity and a youth blow.

Floral, Fresh, Modern. A real filter to optimism. As mentioned above, I can’t help but compare this newbie to it’s predecessor, and it managed to hold it’s own.

The scent is very similar to the original in that it has the same immediate sweet notes of spun sugar and fruit. This variation, however, slightly tapers down with with thanks to notes of musk, sandalwood and iris. These base notes mature the scent (for lack of a better word) and the nod to peony and roses keeps the feminine scent that the brand is known for.

La Vie Est Belle en Rose invites you to look at things differently, to regard life through the power of positive emotions. Like a filter of optimism on life, an invitation to always see the brighter side of life, its pink side, and to cultivate happiness through all its forms.

La Vie est Belle en Rose

All in all, La Vie est Belle en Rose is a similar – yet lighter – version of the original and I would be more than happy to wear it on a daily basis. I saw it reviewed elsewhere as being “safe as an office scent” and I had a giggle at that. But actually, this is one of the highest compliments that one could give a fragrance! There is little worse than being that woman who wears an overwhelming fragrance in the office environment. Thankfully, this will only have your colleagues asking after your fragrance. Or in my case, my colleague actually wears it herself!

La Vie est Belle en Rose

While the original La Vie est Belle remains my absolute favourite fragrance of all time, I would suggest you picking this up if you’re looking for something feminine, sweet, and distinguished, but as a more wearable option.

Available at all Lancôme counters | RSP | R1990 for a 100ml EDT


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