I’ve got to say, these Labello Crayons tickled my fancy the moment they landed on my beauty desk!

Available in three variants; Coral Crush, Rosy Nude and Black Cherry (R69,99 ea), these new additions to the Labello family are sure to be the cutest lip products you’ve owned to date.

I am one of those women who always has multiple tubes of Labello at home. A car Labello, a handbag Labello, a side-table Labello, a work Labello… shall I go on? Basically, as much as I have a lipstick fetish, I opt for Labello on every average day and I ALWAYS have Labello on my desk at work.

Labelo Crayons

What intrigued me the most about the Labello Crayons was that they claim to be “gorgeously moisturising”. Okay. But will they be as moisturising as a tube of my old-faithful Hydro-Care? And I can answer a big, fat YES. This variant is, in fact, as moisturising. A complete win!

Of the three shades I naturally gravitate towards Rosy Nude. I am a nudes girl through and through, and if I opt for corals or cherry shades I prefer for them to be opaque. However, it is so this season to wear a wash of colour on the lips, just a sheer tint of colour, and these offer exactly that.

Labello Crayons

With the Rosy Nude, I feel like I am making a bit more of an effort with my face instead of the same old usual. It adds a shade of nude with a light-rose undertone, sort of pulling a half finished look together.

I am also a fan of the chunkier style of packaging and applicator. There is less requirement for a mirror as the application is already quite precise – and therefore you are more likely to reach for the product as it’s on the side of less maintenance 😉

Each of the three shades can supposedly work for every skin-tone. Now this is something I would LOVE to test out! The shades have been formulated specifically to harmonize with different skin tones. This means you look fabulous in all the shades 😉

Whichever shade stands out to you, you can revel in the instant moisturising effect of the new formula. Comprised of more than 80% caring ingredients – enriched with natural oils (Avocado Oil and Jojoba
Oil), your lips will instantly feel nourished and supple.

Labello Crayons

Let me know in the comments if you’ve picked one of these newbies up! 

Rayne XX