NOTE Cosmetics recently launched in Clicks stores less than a month ago and I was invited to attend the official brand launch.

Being privy to almost every new launch from cosmetic houses, previewing new ranges before the masses, and testing out pretty much any new items on the make-up block, means that new launches can tend to be not-so-exciting. I know, I know, I NEVER thought I could be this jaded about make-up! But alas, jaded I can be. In fact, I was not jumping for joy when I checked out NOTE Cosmetics prior to the launch.

Upon attending the launch, however, I was blown away! The NOTE Cosmetics range is beautiful and the offerings are impressive. Better yet, the products ARE GREAT. But we will get to reviewing a few items a bit later in the post. But truly, the packaging is sleek, classic, and simple. Absolutely beautiful with some unique, eye-catching pieces that set the range apart. The most note-worthy (haha, how am I so funny) products were the Terracotta Powder, Luminous Silk Compact Blusher, and most of all, the Bronzing Powder.

A bit of background on NOTE Cosmetics: Having launched in Europe in 2014, the brand is still a baby, yet has managed to earn global recognition across the world. The products are proudly cruelty-free, vegan and non-comedogenic. A great percentage of the main ingredients in the products are naturally found in nature. This includes; argan oil, citrus, coral seaweed, cedarwood oil, grapefruit extract, macadamia oil, rice protein, shea butter, and more.

We were gifted a few goodies at the event, unfortunately for me, the three items I had my eye on were not included (you know your girl is waiting for a Clicks 3-for-2 special to pick them up!) but we received the more popular products to play with..

Precision Eyeliner – R250

Starting with my favourite of the collection. The Precision Eyeliner is an absolute gem and it is currently my go-to liner. It is jet-black, opaque, the nib is easy to control, and the liquid dries down immediately and is long lasting.

I applied my liner before work one morning and wore the eye make-up to an event that evening and, seriously, the liner was still in tip-top condition when I got home after 10PM that evening.

NOTE Cosmetics

Semi-Matte Lipstick in Gipsy – R119

I am not the greatest fan of red lipsticks but this is a great option if you are looking for a true-tone red.

The formula is enriched with many natural minerals to keep lips hydrated and nourished, while the addition of coral seaweed adds the healthy sheen to the lippy. The pay off is nice and opaque – something I truly appreciate – and the semi-matte description is also true. The dry-down is matte without being drying. Almost erring on the side of a matte creme-sheen.

NOTE Cosmetics

You are strong, beautiful, powerful and one of a kind – a true #WomanOfNOTE. Isn’t it time you explore a cosmetics brand that celebrates diversity, individuality and beauty in its most natural form?

Lash Master Mascara – R229

This mascara wand is the exact wand shape that I opt for. It works gorgeously for full, voluminous lashes while still adding length. However, I am not a fan of the smaller tube. It certainly makes it travel friendly but the wand length is also shorter and I cannot seem to handle the wand as I normally would.

The formula contains Vitamin E which adds moisturising benefits to the lash hairs, as well as the addition of antioxidants which reduce the chance of sensitive eyes reacting negatively to the mascara formula.

NOTE Cosmetics

NOTE Cosmetics
I’ve not used this BB Natural Colour Lip Corrector as yet.

Ultra Rich Color Lip Pencil in Note Red – R229 & Mineral Lip Cream in Go Red – R275

The NOTE Cosmetics lip pencil is a fab option as far as lip pencils go. This exact shade is a rich, deep, sultry tone which is a favourite of mine. The nib is quite hard, which is a good thing as it allows you to create crisp lines, and it creates a matte pay-off.

The pencil can be paired with the Mineral Lip Cream which is a creamy formula topped off with a foam-type applicator. I find this a bit difficult to work with and this applicator is not a favourite of mine. But the buildable formula is great.

NOTE Cosmetics

Let me know if you’ve tested out any offerings from NOTE Cosmetics and what you thought of them! You can shop the products online from Zando and Clicks.

Rayne XX