I have never been one to get all riled up over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shopping sale items, I LOVE. But I just cannot stand the thought of the queues and the hoards of people stampeding to get into stores. I mean, have you SEEN some of the YouTube videos? And I am not talking about America. I mean right here in South Africa!

Because of this, I am always sure to shop the specials online and prepare my “cart” and “wishlist” way before the day. I always target a few particular online stores across beauty, clothing, home, – and now baby! – so when Superbalist asked if I would be interested in collaborating this year it was a no-brainer because hey, my cart was already full! 😉

I’ve also decided to categorize my shopping this year and sort of budget myself into categories. This is half due to trying to curb my spending habits and half due to the fact that my spendings do need to be steered slightly more in the direction of the child I am currently growing in my tummy. Aaaaand not to mention that I am trying to take a more Marie Kondo approach to life. You know – less clutter, only holding onto items which bring you joy, etc.

So the point of all of this is that when I know I am going to be shopping or making multiple purchases from one online site, I like to divide the categories. And that is exactly what I have done with my Superbalist order!

Beauty related

Always the first category that I check in with online! Superbalist usually runs pretty great specials on their beauty products (they are currently knocking 50% off selected brands) but for Black Friday I am keeping my eye out for the below.

  • MAC specials. Specifically their full size and mini lipsticks. I would also LOVE to grab the below-pictured skin-finish in Global Glow (R515).
  • Benefit Cosmetic specials. I have my eye on their Babe on Board (R445) cheek trio which includes mini versions of Hoola, Rockabye and Dandelion Twinkle. Truly, I have been eyeing out this kit for months!
  • Maybelline specials. You don’t need me to remind you where I stock up on my Age Rewind concealer (R180) and Lash Sensational mascara (R160)! And like I mentioned above, Superbalist is currently selling selected Maybelline at 50% off! I seriously cannot wait to see what Black Friday brings us.
  • K-Beauty make-up specials. I am neck-deep in K-Beauty skincare, but I am now branching out into their make-up! I’ve specifically got my eye on a few of the Jelly Blushers from Too Cool For School (R260 each).




For the baby

Shopping for the baby. The four most delicious words that I never knew I needed in my life. My mother has been harassing me and reminding me nonstop that you are beyond spoilt during your pregnancy. Between products for blog consideration and baby shower gifts, I barely need to shop. But I WANT TO.

Superbalist absolutely SPOILS us for choice in the baby clothes/accessories department. I have about 18 baby items in my cart (which you all got a peek of a few days ago on Instagram) but I have picked out a few of the cuter items to show off here.

UP BABY, Cotton On, daily Friday, and Funky Shop are just a few of my favourites. Even Chris was having a ball scrolling through and picking out items. And best of all, the offerings are beautifully gender neutral without keeping to the same boring whites and tones-of-yellow that we are accustomed to seeing these days. This stripy bucket hat (Cotton On – R149), tropical jersey print blanket (UP BABY – R179), monochrome bubbysuit (Cotton On – R149) and stripy ” The Leggings” (Cotton On – R140) put me in the happiest mood! I could have honestly attached all the baby items here. They are just DELICIOUS!!!


For me; essentials

I don’t know about you guys but I always have a list of essentials that I neeeed to pop out and purchase, but I somehow keep forgetting. I even keep a list of items in my Wunderlist app in my phone, yet I still forget. So popping all my essentials into my Superbalist cart and hoping I see some knock-down prices on Black Friday seems a good a way as any to make sure these purchases finally happen.

A three-pack of these Dorina Hipster Panties (R299) is a steal in my eyes. They aren’t exactly honey-moon night material, but they are comfy AF! I also need a new pair of sunnies. Sunglasses ARE indeed an essential in my life, okay. Don’t comment here telling me they should be in the splurge category 😉

I popped a pair of these Bette sunglasses (Superbalist – R199) into my cart, along with this (not so essential) gold Ballin’ Eyeglasses Chain (Unknown Eyewear – R139). I have been wanting a sunglasses chain since more than a year ago when I ordered one from a different online website. And after weeks of hassling, they let me know they sold every single one and had no intentions of bringing them back in. Great stuff.


Another absolute essential at this stage is LEGGINGS. I could have cried the day I realized I could no longer fit into my skinny jeans or regular pants. I purchased some regular black leggings which have – not surprisingly – been life-changing. This two-pack of Superbalist branded maternity leggings are exactly what I need. And the charcoal and black suit my wardrobe perfectly!

The price of R299 prices the leggings at R150 each which really is a steal. Maternity wear can be horrifically overpriced so these were a bargain to find!

For me; a splurge

Bear with me here. This is a REAL splurge item. And one that I would not ordinarily pop onto my ‘Want’ list. But this Maya Leather Bag from Fossil (R4299) makes my heart skip multiple beats.

I have been on the hunt for an authentic, versatile, leather bag for months now but because they are so pricey I have been extra discerning and have not yet found the bag to convince me to part with my money.

This Maya seems large and functional, and tan is exactly the colour I am after. Someone convince me to check out and purchase this?! Surely I can throw some nappies in there and call it a baby bag?!


For my baby daddy 

Realistically I would not reeeeally feel guilted into buying him a gift. Don’t worry, I would place a monetary bet on him NEVER reading this so no harm done. But I know he has been on the lookout for a great pair of shorts lately. He works odd hours as he is always on call and planning a shopping trip together is just not going to happy anytime soon. Oh and then we have a baby coming. So looks like no more leisurely shopping expeditions until 2038. Good thing we can shop online!

When I spotted these Utility Cargo Shorts from Cotton On (R599) I knew I had to snatch them. These are exactly what he has been looking for. And his bum will look so cute too, so who is really winning here? 😉



And that wraps up my Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist! Have you prepared for Black Friday? If you’re planning on shopping on Superbalist then be sure to download the app onto your phone and pop your items onto your wishlist. That way you have quick access to view your items and then, if they are on special, you can easily pop them into your cart in order to check out faster!

Let me know if you plan on shopping Black Friday this year? And do you have your eye on anything specific on Superbalist’s site? I for one am so looking forward to seeing my cart’s overall price drop! Do NOT forget the big days; Black Friday falls on Friday 29th and Cyber Monday falls on 2nd December this year. 


** This post was published as part of a trade exchange collaboration with Superbalist.