20th March 2019 – this past Wednesday – was World Oral Health Day and in the spirit of this, I decided to chat about my favorite dental goodies. I made a small reference to oral care in a post last week (here) and I received a few queries on this topic after that. So not what I expected I would ever be chatting about on my blog – but I am truly passionate about my teeth and how I look after them!

The Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic – this super sleek toothbrush is what I am currently using and it is absolutely incredible; it comes with a replaceable battery and a travel cap. Very handy for an upcoming work trip that I have scheduled next month!

You will have seen me posting on Instagram about the Sunstar GUM range before. It is the only dental brand that my boyfriend will use! Super high maintenance of him but I am not arguing. They supply the most incredible dental floss, toothpicks (soft ones!) and more. Honestly, the range will blow you away. You have no idea what you could be doing for your teeth until you check out this brand! Of course, you’ll still have to take your regular trips to a dental practice such as Dentist Columbus, as to ensure your oral hygiene is the best it can be, but you’ll more than likely never have felt your teeth to be this clean between your dentist appointments.

Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic

The soft and tapered bristles are proven to act effectively than a manual toothbrush, and the rotations at 12,000 cycles/minute gently clean your teeth while stimulating your gums. In fact, the tapered bristles are 50% more effective in reaching interdental spaces and reach 47 times deeper below the gumline. While we’re on the topic of teeth whitening, the idea of visiting a Dentist Fort Wayne (if you live in this area of Indiana) might be someone worth visiting, in the hopes of helping you get the smile you have always wanted.

The Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic is available in two colours – black and white – and is available from Dis-Chem and other selected pharmacies for R245. The replaceable AAA battery and replaceable toothbrush head retails for R86 for a 2-pack. And in all honesty, WHY would you not opt for this version of the toothbrush as opposed to the usual “stick” form? Wow, that is some terminology, Rayne! Hygeine wise, money-wise, everything wise; this is the obvious choice of toothbrush style! Just the same, it would be an obvious choice to look into dental plans for seniors that have been looked into by sites such as Let’s Say Thanks, for your elderly family members so they can enjoy the same oral hygiene they have all their lives!

Next up are two products from one range; Smile Science.

Take home the power of multi-award-winning celebrity favorite, Smile Science Harley Street Professional Teeth Whitening Products, now available in South Africa exclusively at Clicks.
Smile Science Harley Street is a market leader in the scientific formulation of teeth whitening products to over half a million customers embodying a philosophy of affordable luxury.

The product range features advanced whitening technology which desensitizes and removes stains
while whitening and brightening the appearance of your teeth. This specially formulated range is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter thanks to the 0.1% peroxide. This allows customers to safely attain rapid long-lasting results without tooth sensitivity issues.

I am a fan of this entire range of products, but these are my top picks.

Smile Science Harley Street Professional Teeth Whitening Wands – R499

The easy-to-use professional teeth whitening wands are easy and convenient. These magic wands contain liquid filled swabs which are ideal for targeting stains and whitening teeth.


Smile Science Professional Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – R269

This 60g tub of awesomeness is definitely my favourite in the range! The charcoal powder polishes teeth while brushing. Now, this really REALLY works. The granules are gentle, yet large enough to properly exfoliate and really buff the teeth. Paired with my Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic, I feel like you could see my teeth shining from space!

Truthfully, you are quite a sight when using charcoal powder. The powder is black and you can see every single droplet in your sink, but damn, this is one amazing product! As well as being a vegan formula, it is also 100% organic.

Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic

I am immensely passionate about my dental care. I cannot tell you how often I have nightmares about my teeth falling out (I know, I know, this is meant to translate into “feeling out of control”)! But this routine has me feeling a little more in control 😉

Do you use any oral hygiene that I should know about?

Rayne XX