Today’s post is inspired by Chereen from For The Beauty Of It’s post from last year. I have finally.. finally… found a skincare routine that specifically works well when I want to achieve poreless skin a day or so before an event. I will take you through the products that I put onto my bare face right up until what foundation I use at the end.



I generally use one or a few of these products multiple days a week. I won’t use them all daily because I find the combination to be too rich if used too frequently. These are not all used in the exact correct order that products are generally meant to be used, but this is what works for my skin.


First off, the most important blah blah you hear this all the time thing. Water. Nothing clears your face, and ultimately your pores, like working from the inside out.

Then, once you have appropriately quenched your insides, I start off with my beloved Sorbet Daily Skin Polish Powder (R220 for a big tub). This a super alternative to the dermalogica daily superfoliant. (Lately I have been using another dermalogica product, a new release which I cannot reveal just yet, but keep posted as this new product currently plays a huge role in my daily skincare routine).

I also like to go in with my dinky little face-brush if my skin is feeling particularly clogged up. I don’t yet own a Clarisonic (soon soon!) but this little one is from Primark in the UK but I know you can get them in Edgars for less than R60. These really go a long way in deep cleansing your skin, and this ultimately results in more poreless looking skin.



Once my face feels sparklingly scrubbed up. I like to apply one of two pore unclogging masks.

  • REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask – This is quite honestly my favourite face mask of all time. I really have never finished a mask to the last drop but this will be the first one.
    It absolutely reduces the size of your pores no matter if they are on your forehead, nose or cheeks. It also helps eliminate black heads. This all sounds like an advert for the mask but it’s all true. Hashtag NOT SPONSORED by the way. Your face feels totally transformed afterwards and you go to bed with a clean and healthy feeling face. I prefer to use this before bed before your skin feels purified and cleansed, you kind of want to let your skin just breath after that, no? R435 for 50ml 
  • Then the mask I use if I am prepping my skin for a night out is the dual sided Porefessional Instant Wipeout Masks from Benefit Cosmetics.
    I have seen many mixed review on these masks but they undoubtedly work for my skin. My face feels refreshed and unclogged and full of health.
    It has a very intense menthol scent which some people won’t be able to handle. If you have open pimples on the area you are targeting, then this might need to wait until your face has healed.
    I however find that it only leaves me feeling fresh, and I almost feel guilty for covering my skin up with makeup! The mask is made as a smaller side in order to be able to target your nose, skin, cheek or forehead area. One side is textured for light exfoliation and the other side is smooth for the actual masking part.
    I definitely recommend rubbing the mask over your entire face once the 10 mins are up. It contains incredible mushroom extract properties and you should soak up every drop of it. R395 for a box of 8




Next up is the Clarins Lotion Tonique. This is something I have been using for over four years. No matter the season, it always works magic at clarifying my skin and giving a revitalised look. R350 for a 200ml bottle.


Then the last step of my routine would be to go in with either my Lancôme Genefique Youth Activating Serum or my Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream. The Eucerin cream is my current fave moisturiser. It is made especially for dry skin and honestly my face just sucks it up. It leaves no residue or fragrance and is just an all around great moisturiser for daily use. Lancôme priced at R1,060 and Eucerin at roughly R90.




And then finally. These are technically make-up products but they are the last two steps in achieving a flawless skin:

The Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Matte Rescue Mattifying Gel is the perfect base for instantly minimizing pores. And the blue tinted gel, in my opinion, slightly colour corrects the skin. Also advertisted that “skin feels smooth and refreshed. Contains diamond powder known for its soft-focus pore-blurring effect.”  Now give me some of that! R445 for 50ml and this will last at least 6 months.

And finally, my ultimate foundation when comes to poreless skin; the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless. I will praise the day when we finally have this available in SA! This is the ultimate foundation in coverage, mattifying skin and giving a poreless look. It has been rated as one of the most used foundations among beauty bloggers and Youtubers of last year. And I could not say enough amazing things about it!


I feel like I have been typing forever (and I kinda have), but there you have it. My at home routine for poreless skin. Let me know if you have any tips, tricks or products that I should try. 


Rayne XX