These But First Coffee Scrubs are out of this world! {REVIEW}

These But First Coffee Scrubs are out of this world! {REVIEW}

As someone who is not the greatest fan of testing in-shower products, I was positively DYING to hop in the shower when I received this duo pack of ‘But First’ coffee scrubs to try out.

I curse our dreaded Cape Tow drought for yet another reason now, because all I want to do is stand it the shower and scrub myself silly with these! I have said it soooo many times before, but exfoliators are my bodycare product of choice. If you have been around for a bit, you will know I had a dedicated scrub series for a while!

But First coffee scrub

But First coffee scrub

First off, something I have seen criticized once or twice about the But First coffee scrubs, is their price point. They retail for R285 each but the price decreases per tub if you purchase the duo pack or quadruple pack. They are SO worth it. I also don’t think you will realize just how far one tub will go until you have used it yourself. You get 95g in a tub and I want to garner a guess that you use maaaaaybe around 2g – 5g per use? The smallest amount goes the longest way and the smell, good laaaawd the smell. My new favourite scent of all time is the steamy air in the bathroom after a shower with one of these.

The Coffee targets cellulite and skin imperfections by harnessing the coffee’s antioxidant properties that increase blood flow.

I definitely feel like this scrub is chunkier and rougher than your usual body scrub. I personally love it. The rougher the better. But it is definitely something to keep in mind if you prefer a soft scrub – just use less of the scrub itself and mix in more water.

But First coffee scrubs

Both are super uplifting and invigorating but the mint one is apparently proven to be the most awakening of the two. And something I did not know until researching for this post, is that the vanilla has aphrodisiac properties! Well, whaddaya know! The vanilla scent is also said to be the more calming option. They are not advertised for day and night but I would think it is a clever combo. Mint for morning showers and vanilla for if you prefer an evening shower.

Overall I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these, and ESPECIALLY if you like the scent of coffee. I am a six coffees a day girl but coffee is not necessarily a scent I would go for in a candle or fragrance. However… this is just an out of this world scent!!


You can purchase the vanilla and mint duo pack directly HERE!

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