Babor Review #1 – FP Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluids {REVIEW}

Babor Review #1 – FP Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluids {REVIEW}

Welcome to another brand series. I’ll be showcasing a few Babor products over the next few weeks. Starting with today’s product, the FP Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluids.

I have been so unbelievably impressed by every pproduct across the board! I knew I had to use all of these products for a few months before finally writing up this post. And, honestly, every single product has been incredible.

Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluids


Fluids FP Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluid

As I start typing this review, I want to butt in and call these little capsules my favourite of all the Babor products. Have I said that already about another Babor product? Probably.

The packaging describes the formula to “reorganize the skin functions that are responsible for a youthful appearance”. I would put my improved skin tone down to the combo between this product and the Ultimate A16 Booster Concentrate (mentioned above). The fact that the fluid comes in these dinky 2ml glass capsules is so luxe in itself. I split one capsule between two uses instead of using a full one as recommended.

These fluids are meant to help with adding elasticity and collagen, and to alleviate the look of fine lines. The active ingredient stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen (doesn’t that just sound dab) which then helps with firming the skin. Then tripeptides increase the formation of the collagen fibres and reorganizes them in a firm and regular formation. So, above when I chatted about that outbreak I get now and again on my cheek, this really goes a long way in helping to smoothen my skin. I didn’t notice too much of a difference with my fine lines but there was a noticeable difference in the bounciness and firmness of my skin.


Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluids


The price is R843 for 14ml of Anti Age Collagen Booster Fluids which translates into 7 capsules. The only thing that confused me about the capsule products is that no where on the packing, on the leaflet or on the internet does it say how often you need to use the products. I have been using three a week which means that after two weeks I have finished the pack of 7.

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Keep posted over the next few weeks for more mini reviews on Babor products.

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