July Faves 2016! {FAVOURITES}

And here we are AGAIN. Another month has come and gone! Good grief. And August is my birthday month! Lets do this. But first; here are my July Faves..


Sorbet Pomegranate & Grapefruit Sugar Scrub –

I featured this amazing scrub last week in my second Sorbet Scrub Series installment. I am obsessed. You can read the full review here but I just needed to reiterate to anyone who is struggling with dry skin during this season – here’s aiming at you Cape Town ladies! – that this is the scrub to grab. Beautifully scented, a huge amount in the tub and it leaves your skin feeling refreshed, exfoliated and just a tab oily. Obviously oily in a good way though! A healthy layer of oil on the skin is super beneficial to your skin. And even more so in the dry seasons.

July Faves


Two Way light up vanity mirror –

Gah. My new favourite thing! I use one big mirror and one smaller mirror on my vanity. A few weeks back I broke my awesome little pink twisty mirror which I picked up at The Crazy Store last year. Originally I actually purchased two as they’re super cool and only R30 a pop. I broke BOTH this year and was super stoked to see this Two Way Mirror on special at Clicks for R122. (Usually +-R330). I have been eyeing it out for MONTHS! It uses three of those teeny batteries and lights up the outside circle for enhanced lighting.

You can choose to have the light on or off though. This is proving to be a lifesaver as I have been struggling with make-up application in the Winter mornings. The struggle of a good face VS a possible angry boyfriend when I switch the lights on so early. The one side is X3 magnification so be prepared to see all your little wrinkles! 😉 It is so useful when blending makeup and creating winger liner, though.

July Faves


NYX Matte Lipsticks in Alabama and Indie Flick –

I have featured these in a Lip Look and a Haul post before but I LOVE these. LOVE THEM. Indie Flick is a cult favourite – known as the dupe for the ‘Kendall Jenner’ shade from Estee Lauder. Alabama needs more credit though; it is a stunning deep red with a tinge of blueish purple. Perfect for brunettes! These matte lipsticks are so long lasting and not the kind of matte’s that dry your mouth up. You don’t need to prep your lips or apply a moisturising product on top. Just the lipstick alone is comfortable. They are more than worthy of a re-feature in my July Faves.

July Faves


Nivea Shine Control Toner –

Jeez. This is a toner that I used to use ages ago. Like high school ages ago. I never struggled with shiny skin but I have now started seeing a bit of reflection of my forehead (which could basically be called a fivehead) and this is coming into mighty good use. It also feels super refreshing and cooling on your skin after a hot shower. It works for a good few hours – I would say eight to ten hours – and then you can see the shine start to peek through again. It is still an awesome awesome product.

July Faves


Catrice Velvet Brow Powder Artist –

I mentioned in a review post last month that I had finished up my absolute favourite brow product; the Brow Satin from Maybelline. This Velvet Brow Powder Artist is a very similar product in terms of design and, in terms of finished result, I would go as far as to call it a dupe. On one end is a spooly to smoothen and tame your brows, and the other end is the spongey part with the product in it. You then apply the product onto your brow and again go in with the spooly. The sponge is designed to transfer the correct amount of powder onto your brow and it doesn’t have fall out or flake off. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review post next week; I’ll be reviewing how this measures up being used on Microbladed eyebrows.

July Faves


Revlon Photoready Translucent Finisher –

Yet again I am featuring a product that I don’t want to give away too much info on.. Which is ridiculous! But I am obsessed with this setting powder and I have a full review coming in a few days. However, I just had to feature it. For now, here are a few random tidbits; it contains glitter, it is AMAZING, it is super affordable and it’s of a really great quality. And now I will zip my lips…

July Faves


Don’t forget to leave the links to your July Faves below!


Rayne XX


July Faves

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