Hydro Skin Lip Therapy by Sorbet {REVIEW}

Hydro Skin Lip Therapy by Sorbet {REVIEW}

If you live in South Africa you should be suffering with dry skin and chapped lips right now, no? Cue this Hydro Skin Lip Therapy as your saving grace!

We have been hit with a draught of absolutely epic proportions; the temperature has been sky high in some parts of SA. I have been relatively unscathed compared to certain provinces, our hottest day was around 38 degrees, but that is still VERY hot.

Anyway my lips have been extra chapped and horribly dry, which makes lipstick application horrendous. NOTHING is worse than horribly peeling skin on your lips. GAAAAH.

Now, Sorbet is a brand that I – and many others – associate with nails and pedicures. Not a line of bath and skincare. I received a few products from their Spa Escape range for my 21st birthday and – despite not being a bath/shower girl – I loved the products. The smell was absolutely divine and once I looked the prices up online I was even more in love as Sorbet products are really really affordable and prove to be worth their while. I will now happily branch out, spend my cash and try some of the other ranges they have to offer!


Anyway, on to the actual point of this post. I received this Hydro Skin Lip Therapy months ago (literally, it was like, last June) in a goodie bag at the Just Jade high tea event. I just never used it because I gravitate towards lip balms that you can apply, and then apply lipgloss or lipstick over. Not just a plain clear through formula.

So when I was trying to de-clutter my make-up stash, seeing the ‘Hydro’ just made me hopeful that I could get rid of these damn dry lips of mine!


Plain, simple, no-fuss packaging.

This tube of goodness contains Hyaluronic Acid and Omega 3 and 6 which aids in fighting dehydration and giving you that pump of much needed moisture!

The packaging states ‘8 Hour moisture’ but I find myself applying it more frequently than that. More because I adore the fresh and sharp smell, and the sleek glossiness on my lips than anything else!

Hydro Skin Lip Therapy

The formula is thick and smells quite minty and fresh. You will get a LOT of uses out of this little tube. I can honestly say that I have not left the house without this the entire holiday!

Hydro Skin Lip Therapy

The Sorbet Hydro Skin Lip Therapy is available at all Sorbet Salons. While the Sorbet range is widely available in Clicks stores, I think that the Hydro range is only available in the salons. It retails for R53. 

Rayne XX

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  1. Luke India Ramos at 8:45 PM

    This Is A Great Product And I Have Been Using It Ever Since I Received And I Cannot Help But Boast About How Amazing It Makes My Lips Feel. I Often Use It As A “Lip Primer” Too. By Applying A Pinch Over My Lips And Continuing With The Rest Of My Makeup, By The Time I Reach My Lips, My Lips Have Absorbed That Little Bit Of Moisture And Lipstick Application Is Flawless – Especially Matte Lipstick.

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