LUSH Bath Bombs – Easy Storage! {DIY}

practice If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen my (hilarious but disheartening) search for a cute jar to store my LUSH Bath Bombs in. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG.

counsel cats2 convey I went through about four different store jars before remembering my lovely bloggy friend Daisy’s post on how she stores her LUSH Bubble Bars – and frankly, it is just genius. It works just as well with bath bombs so I decided that it was just what I would do with mine too. Besides for not being able to actually find a jar with a large enough lid opening to fit my bombs in,  I am also a stingy person. There are few things in life better than a luxuriously fizzy bath but I always feel guilty at using an entire bath bomb in one go. Some of them are made in such a way that you can cut them or break them up, but mostly only the Bubble Bars are made this way.

viagra pill cost So this little trick of mine is a way of getting more Bath Bomb for your buck! 😉

And its as easy as this; grating your Bomb on a grater. That’s it. Voila.


You will be shocked at how much powder you get out of one normal sized Bath Bomb. You can see in these pictures just how full the plastic tub is and when I sprinkled them in the bath I only used about a seventh of the contents (of a grated up Avo Bath) and it turned the bath a rich green colour and gave off the delicious smell that Avo Bath is meant to give off. All you are missing out on is the 30 seconds of a LUSH fizz show but this way you get a few baths out of one bomb.


use num 1

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This makes storing your Bombs SO much easier but I would definitely suggest you invest in some pretty containers and not these dodgey green Tupperwares like I did!


What did you think of this DIY? Would YOU do this with your own Bath Bombs?

Rayne XX


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  1. Shannon at 10:39 AM

    This is GENIUS! I love Lush bath bombs, but I’m always concerned with the fact that I can’t make them go further. This makes it so much easier to treat yo’self on the regular. 😀 Must invest in some cute containers!

  2. Phil at 9:35 PM

    Clever idea, but it does kinda remove some of the fun of using bath bombs – plunking them in the tub. Those are some giant bath bombs though so I can see why you had so much trouble finding something to store them in!

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