Caribbean Tan – Tan In A Can {REVIEW}

With Autumn and Winter fast approaching us here in Cape Town I just know that we will all be hitting the “Sunless Tanner” shelves soon enough, so I decided to finally try out the Caribbean Range which I purchased at the beginning of Summer but never got around to needing or using.


They had a range of eight use at home tanning and tan enhancer products when I went in to purchase; Tan In A Can Instant, Gradual Tan In A Can, Tanning Spritzer, Gradual Bronzing Mousse, Tanning Wipes, Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer, Milk & Honey Skin Hydrating Body Butter and Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. I purchased every product except for the tanning wipes.




I decided to go with the Instant Colour option because I wanted to see results pretty fast. I used the code B which is for Medium toned skin (it ranges from A – C).

The website states: A fine tanning spray with instant colour and 360 degree spray technology. Delivers a deep, even, seamless tan. Gives and immediate bronze that develops ofver 8 hours. (10 minutes to dry).

I first had a shower and applied the exfoliator all over my legs, focusing on my ankles and knees. This is a pretty intense one and it leaves your body feeling EXTREMELY exfoliated afterwards. I am a fan of exfoliating so I did not mind, but I think some people might be a bit shocked by this.



Once you hop out the shower you have to make sure your area which you are tanning is completely free of liquid, make-up, creams etc. The rest is simple: spritz individual parts of your (for example) legs from 10cm away and use the accompanying mitt to rub in the liquid in circular motions.

IMG_0635 IMG_0651


Now, this is the most important part. Please, please, pleeeease, knock on wood, salt over your shoulder, do NOT apply more than two “sprays and rubs” onto the same area. This tan is faster than the gradual tanner but it only shows up properly over eight hours. And you do not wanna be that person who looks like a Morange coloured Krayola crayon and has to stay indoors for a week. You can always apply more but you will struggle like all hell to get it off.

Once you have applied it, try and sit still for a bit. It takes ten minutes to dry and you will leave some pretty horrid marks all over the place if you go off galavanting. And stick to doing this while naked, wearing a bikini or atleast wear dark and loose clothing!

I was quite impressed with the outcome, and it smelled quite nice compared to some other fake tanner I have used in the past. Here are some before and afters:


FIRST First1


Waiting for it to dry


Final Result – Three hours after application


As you can see I did not focus properly on my feet, but oh well! The can said that the lasting colour would appear after eight hours but I took a photo every hour and my tan stopped developing at three hours. I was overall pretty impressed with the outcome as it looks super natural, not orange at all, and it was so basic to use.

The final step is to apply this gorgeous body butter once a day to help your tan last longer. It says that the tan should last 10 – 14 days with proper care and mine lasted about 10 days before starting to fade.

IMG_0634 IMG_0630

There is also a bronzing shimmer lotion/cream available, which I bought but did not apply as no one would actually be seeing my legs but it does look lovely, and I do love a shimmery leg…

You can find this brand in Clicks and Dis-Chem stores and on Facebook here, Twitter here and their website here.

Have you ever tried Caribbean Tan? If so, what did you think?

Thanks for reading!

Rayne XX

*This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed.


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