The baby items that YOU told me I need! {PREGNANCY}

The baby items that YOU told me I need! {PREGNANCY}

A couple of weeks ago I was putting together my baby-shower registry list and I hit a blank. I would spend hours daydreaming about all the GORGEOUS baby items I would add to my list… but when it came down to it, I had NO idea what a new mom would need. This was a lesson in wanting versus needing.

So I did what I usually do when I have to make massive choices in life. I turned to Instagram. Joking… but not really! Sometimes having hundreds – and even thousands – of strangers providing feedback can be hugely beneficial.

Therefore, this is a consolidated list of all of the baby items I had recommended to me that I would in no way have thought of purchasing if I had not been told what lifesavers they were to other parents!

Swaddle UP™ from Love To Dream

This list is going to be in no particular order but the Swaddle UP™ was hands down the most recommended item! Essentially a straight-jacket for your little one.. this mama-to-be would have had NO IDEA to purchase this!

From the website: It is your baby’s natural sleep position that allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing = more sleep for the whole family.

The Swaddle UP™ is the only zip-up swaddle available that allows your baby to sleep in the arms UP position. The Swaddle UP™ requires no complicated wrapping, so everyone can swaddle right every time.

Needless to say we are VERY excited to be proactive in the sleeping department. We plan on having Baby sleeping in the bedroom with us for a while, so the better she sleeps, the better for us! And if the sheer amount of recommendations I received on this is anything to go by, she will be sleeping through the night in no time at all. Spoken like a true, naive mother-to-be 😉

There are multiple gorgeous designs as well as different sizes so that baby can grow in the brand. Check out the Swaddle UP™ website here. Prices begin at R429.

Swaddle UP™

Breastpump – Electric or Manual but electric was mostly recommended

This is a product I knew I had to get my hands on. And judging by the responses on Instagram, it seems unlikely to make it through the breastfeeding phase without a pump.

There are many, many options on the market these days and I opted for the Philips AVENT Natural Electric Breast Pump. This Soft Petal Cushion Natural Breast Pump offers more comfort for mom and more milk for baby. With 3 expression settings, it features a soft petal cushion that gently stimulates milk flow. No leaning forward. You can now sit in a natural relaxed position when expressing. No spills, no back pain.

I am not looking forward to the breast-feeding process. Obviously I plan on doing my best to maintain a successful breastfeeding journey but I definitely have fears. I am hoping being equipped with the correct tools will assist in the journey running smoothly!

The Philips AVENT Natural Electric Breast Pump retails for R2,500. Available to purchase from Clicks stores or

Swaddle UP™

Swaddle UP™

Mrs. Milk Lactation Oat Bars

Staying in the breastfeeding genre.. introducing the Mrs. Milk Lactation Bars. Just the word “lactation” sends shivers down my spine. Do all first time mom’s feel this way?! I am petrified that my body just “cannot make milk”. I know how unlikely this is.. but what if? We may potentially delivery Baby earlier than her due date – and what then? Will my body know to make milk?

I am therefore hedging my bets and planning on indulging in these gorgeous oat bars from Mrs. Milk. These also came highly recommended and, oddly enough, I knew of the brand prior to falling pregnant. I have friends who have had wonderful results with these bars so I was not a stranger to the brand.

The oat bars are crammed full of healthy and nutritional ingredients such as sesame seeds, chia seeds, brewers yeast, flaxseed, rolled oats and – the most famous of breastfeeding foods – fenugreek. The bars are said to power up your energy, enhance your mood, and substantially increase your milk supply.

Available in three variations; Dark Chocolate, Moringa & Green Apple, and a variety of both. You can choose from packs of 10 and 20. Pricing begins at just R255! Shop the website here. I plan on documenting my experience with these bars once I am finally able to tuck in!

Swaddle UP™

Baby Carrier – Noonoo Pie

I am a big fan of the kangaroo method of mothering. I cannot think of anything that is more life-enhancing than having Baby strapped to you and allowing you to go about your life. Win!

The most recommended brands were Ubuntu Baba and Noonoo Pie. There are differences but I have chosen to start off with the Noonoo Pie wrap carrier.

The Noonoo Pie Tie is a baby wrap carrier which is made of a long piece of soft, comfortable fabric . They have the perfect blend of 95% cotton and just a little added lycra for stretch so that you can enjoy all the benefits that natural cotton fibers provide, as well as the added flexibility and support that the lycra provides. The brand is also 100% purely South African! The wraps are R475 each and you can shop the range here.

Swaddle UP™

Midnight Emergency Medical Kit

Because the final suggestion was made up of meds, etc. I won’t be listing the names. It is every parent’s discretion as to what to and not to use on their children. However it seems like a very popular and recommended “item” is a medical kit that you can look to when you are stuck with a screaming baby at 11PM. And again at 1AM. 2AM also seems like a popular time. And so on. I am told these little blighters do nothing but wake you up at night!

And there you have it! There were loads of recommendations but these were the five most highly recommended. I obviously cannot vouch for any as our little madam will only be here in 4 to 6 weeks (HOWWW?!) but I will be sure to report back.

Rayne XX


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