The brand new Sorbet 365 Workout collection {SKINCARE} Part 2

The brand new Sorbet 365 Workout collection {SKINCARE} Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the rundown on my favourite products from the new Sorbet 365 Workout collection. If you didn’t see Part 1, check it out here. This is where I chatted about the cleanser, hydrating masque and serum. 

Today’s post will cover two more products from the new range which launched in August this year so it is still fairly new on the market. The reason I chose to feature these seperately is because they are two products which are VERY important but not used enough or are not incorporated into your every-day routine. And they should be!

Active Eye Cream 20ml

This 20ml beauty can be used day or night. I cannot say I have seen much difference in diminishing the feather lines around my eyes but I can say that I have seen a difference in terms of hydration and density. At R610 for a 20ml tube, it is on the pricier side but still “affordable” as far as specialised skincare goes.

Sorbet 365

Defence SPF 30+ 50ml

We are entering summer right now in the Southern Hemisphere. And while you should be using SPF throughout every season, now is more important than ever. The Defence SPF 30+ (R585.00) is a creamy yet lightweight consistency with no white pay off. MUCHO important when you know you’re going to be wearing a face of make-up on top, or having your photo taken.

The Defence SPF 30+ is advertised as being packed with antioxidants but I cannot find any-more information other than that at the moment. However, I can attest to the lotion ticking all the other boxes that one looks for in a suncare lotion. It is silky and light, and it adds absolutely no “heaviness” to my skin prior to make-up application.

Sorbet 365

In closing, I have really enjoyed being introduced to the Sorbet 365 Skin Workout range. I’ve chatted through 5 products thus far and there are so many more in the range. Toner, exfoliator, night cream, skin repairs, blemish balances, the list is near-endless. There really is something for every skin concern!

Let me know what you have thought of this range or if you’ve got your eye on something that you’d like a review on!

Rayne XX