Let’s look at more of the Sorbet Make-Up range {MAKE-UP}

Let’s look at more of the Sorbet Make-Up range {MAKE-UP}

Sing another tune, Rayne! I know, I know. I chat about Sorbet make-up on here A LOT. But this is for two reasons. One, I love the range and it deserves more recognition. And two, these are always the posts with the highest views, so maybe the brand is getting the recognition it deserves after all.

Recently I was sent a few more make-up goodies to play with so I decided to do an old-school review post on each product. Here we go!

Lipliner in Fiesty Foxy – R100

Starting with my favourite new Sorbet discovery. I loved this dual-ended lipliner from the first use! It is firm yet malleable and has that ability to be worn all over as a lipstick if desired. I am not a fan of pairing a lip liner with a lipstick whatsoever. If I am wearing a lip liner, it is always in “lipstick” form. In fact, I am wearing Fiesty Foxy as I type this up 🙂

It lasts for a good two to three hours and does not feel waxy on your lips. It is definitely an opaque matte payoff. Definitely another winner in the range!

Sorbet makeup

Eye to Eye Quad in Smoky Jo – R179.95

The Smoky Jo eyeshadow quad was a bit of a miss in the longevity department. I liked the four-shade pairing; you can create killer night-time looks with this! I also liked the dome shape of the eyeshadows, and I like the metallic finish. The pay-off, however, is not the greatest standard and would suit someone with the need for more of a “quick look”. If, however, you use the shadows with a damp brush, the pay-off is MUCH better. I do find this to be the case with lots of metallic finish shadows, so you could call this the norm, but it does make the product high maintenance.

I have passed this quad onto a friend but I will branch out and grab Cocoa Crush on my next Clicks/Sorbet run and see how that one works out for me!

Sorbet makeup

Lipstick in Wish – R149.95

This lippy is another highlight in the range for me. The shade is almost an exact dupe for my MAC Velvet Teddy (ever so slightly darker) and is a gorgeous sheen finish. The lipstick is advertised as matte so don’t be worried about a flaky dry-down. It definitely sits more of the side of a creme-sheen inspired finish. Very ala 90’s Spice Girl feels.

Sorbet makeup

Get Glossy Lipgloss in Oh Hello – R100

As far as glosses go, I am not a super-fan. But I was able to appreciate the versatility of this Sorbet Get Glossy lipgloss. The fiery red shade is not sheer whatsoever, and it easily builds up and can achieve a fully opaque look. It is a tad messy to work with if you are going for that opaque look – but show me a lipgloss that isn’t messy?!

Sorbet makeup

Contouring Blender Sponge – R99.95

Another favourite which I know I don’t have to get into… I love this x 1000 and I have said so 10000 times.

Sorbet makeup

Length & Load Lashes – R60

I have not tried these as yet. Booo Rayne 🙁 I am saving them for a special occasion and I promise to report back! 😉

What a Cheek Blush Stamp in Fiesta Flush – R120

Anyone who reads Make It Rayne knows that the Fresh Berry version of the What a Cheek Blush Stamp is a ride-or-die of mine. I even included it in a post earlier this year documenting my 5 favourite blushers of all time. I absolutely ADORE this blusher’s consistency and pay-off. It is superb quality, great pigmentation, and a very generous size. I really enjoy using Fiesta Flush too, for a more autumnal look. Fresh Berry works better for me “pale skin, dark hair” complexion, but the Fiesta Flush is still a gorgeous option which I will be keeping instead of passing along to a friend 😉

Overall, I give these latest products thumbs up from me. Truly, I adore the majority of the Sorbet make-up range and I urge you to pick up a product or two! My absolute favourites are: The Take A Brow Kit, the What A Cheek Blush Stamp, and the Prep & Poreless Primer.

Are there any other products in the Sorbet range that I am missing out on? Be sure to let me know down below!

Rayne XX

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