My thoughts on the Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème… and its R795 price-tag {REVIEW}

My thoughts on the Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème… and its R795 price-tag {REVIEW}

As of writing this post, I have been using the Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème for aaages. To the point that I probably have just a couple of uses remaining and then the product is finished up.

So you can imagine that the Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème (R795.95) gets a thumbs up from me if it is near-finished, right? Right. It truly is a gorgeous product and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it.

Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème

Boasting the impressive information on the Le Beauty Club website: “New generation of unified care, this CC Cream is the first tinted day care formulated specifically for skin with pigmentation disorders.” It has been designed to use underneath your regular skincare and makeup to super-target your areas of pigmentation. So essentially this is the primer that you’d apply prior to anything else on your skin, to leave the final effect looking flawless.

So I did not know any of the above information until I was half finished with the tube! I had been slapping it onto my face as if it was a regular CC cream and loving life. I was so impressed that I sent a Whatsapp message to a fellow blogger who had received this product, just to ask her if she was as obsessed with it as I was. And indeed she was.

Here is a bit more information, stolen directly from the website:

  • Corrects and evens out the complexion.
  • Helps to correct existing blemishes.
  • Prevents the emergence of new blemishes.
  • Hydrates and smooths the skin.
  • High tolerance, paraben-free and fragrance-free.


  • Rucinol (0.3%) acts on melanin production, assists in the disappearance of blemishes.
  • Ceramides and ceramide precursors replenish lipids, smooth and hydrate skin.
  • Bisabolol (extracted from camomile) soothes.


  • Even complexion
  • Skin is luscious
  • Blemishes are concealed

Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème

So because I had been using the Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème as if it was any old BB cream or foundation, I will be reviewing it as that. And I suppose that explains why I am besotted with the product. My skin was exceptionally clear. I am talking FLAWLESS – without the coverage looking heavy. I was blown away and, as I said, I even felt the need to check in with a friend to figure out if everyone loves it as much as me.

While it covers blemishes and gives a corrected look to uneven-ness, it is not too thick or cake-like either. It is a pricey product; R795 for a CC cream is more than what your average woman would spend, but it certainly does the job and justifies the price-tag. The ingredient list and fact that your melanin production is targeted means that pigmentation issues are seen to without having to turn to medicinal routes such as laser and peels, etc.

So in closing, I will continue using and loving this product, However, I will be using it more sparingly.. the last five or so uses, that is… Oh, Rayne. So while I will continue to use it, I will stick to reaching for it on more “special occasions” 😉

Have you used this Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème before? What did you think of it? I have a few (more affordable) options from Noreva that I look forward to reviewing in the near future. Hopefully there is another absolutely fabulous product hiding amongst them!

Purchase the Noreva Iklen+ CC Crème online from Le Beauty Club and AbsoluteSkin.