New in at The Body Shop: Happy Go Lash Mascara, Carrot Cream & Multi-Protection Face Mist {REVIEWS}

New in at The Body Shop: Happy Go Lash Mascara, Carrot Cream & Multi-Protection Face Mist {REVIEWS}

Recently I was sent a few of the latest goodies from The Body Shop for review purposes; the Happy Go Lash Mascara, Carrot Cream & Multi-Protection Face Mist.

While The Body Shop is (and probably always will be) one of my favourite brands, this is certainly a mixed bag of reviews.

Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF30 PA++ (R250).

Take a peek at the online description:

“Feel free with this super-lightweight, multi-protection face mist with SPF30 PA++ and help protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and pollution particles too. The cloud-like mist forms an invisible protective film without leaving the skin feeling sticky and greasy. Enriched with red algae extract and vitamin C, the mist helps brighten your skin’s appearance for a radiant look. So easy to use on the go, help to protect your skin without smudging your make-up for any adventure.

Of the three products I am chatting about today, this is the most confusing one. I adore everything that this product stands for. I love how handbag-friendly the size is. The way the product spritzes and deposits product on your face is perfect, and I especially love that it is vegan. However, the scent of alcohol is overwhelming. If you look at the ingredient list, ‘Alcohol Denat’ is listed first. And yes, we should be checking out the ingredient lists of our skincare anyway because half the time you have on idea what is going on in the bottle. BUT THIS… you can smell the alcohol immediately. Unfortunately – even though it is a great product in so many other ways – I cannot bring myself to regularly reach for this 🙁

Happy Go Lash


Happy Go Lash Mascara – R170

This was a very, VERY happy find! I adore the Happy Go Lash mascara and it has quickly cemented its place in my make-up routine. I am actually wearing it as I type this post. The formula is thick and gives your lashes a great coating of product. The wand is quite a chunky head so one needs to be careful that you don’t have too much product on the wand. However, the formula and wearability are top-notch.

This is one of those mascaras that I reach for on a workday. Happy Go Lash will add enough length and volume for you to love the mascara, but not enough that you would wear it on a night where you need intense lashes. I generally wear it Monday – Friday for a simple lash look that I know will last me until the end of the workday.


Carrot Cream Nature Rich Daily Moisturiser – R180

“Enriched with organic carrots that are too beautifully crooked to sell to the food industry, our Carrot is back and better than ever!”

The above insert was taken directly from The Body Shop website. How darn cute?! My heart feels bad for all the “crooked carrots” that were too wonky to be eaten.. but luckily they get a second shot at life and can be used to make us beautiful instead.

Carrot was originally removed from TBS’s range selection but has been brought back due to demand! I never tried Carrot during it’s first lifetime and I was always disappointed. I pride myself on having used a product from (almost) every single range since 2012. So Carrot is back with updated packaging.

I know these are probably the first things you’re dying to know, so let me go ahead and answer; yes, the product is orange and it does smell like carrots.

Formulated to increase the “glow” of your skin, the Carrot Cream is a goodie in my books. It may not have the most impressive list of active ingredients, but it does the job and it does it nicely. I would certainly recommend this to someone with dry to very dry skin for an affordable and soothing day or night cream. The Carrot Cream is also vegan which is always a bonus.

Be sure to let me know if you have any review request for products from The Body Shop. I am going to begin testing out their newly launched sheet masks within the next week. I reviewed their first sheet mask, the Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask, a while ago which you can find here. I’ll be testing out the Seaweed, Vitamin E and Aloe sheet masks next, so keep an eye out for that! 

Rayne XX