100% Pure Shea Butter from The Body Shop {REVIEW}

100% Pure Shea Butter from The Body Shop {REVIEW}

With the entire world – me included – attempting to go more “green”, I thought this Pure Shea Butter from The Body Shop was an absolutely incredible addition to their already awesome product ranges.

Pure Shea Butter

This 100% Pure Shea Butter (R200) is the butter in it’s purest form. Plain as that. The community trade, creamy product has been used by Ghanaian women for years. Now it has been expertly crafted by local women to be used on the body, hair, face and lips. And hey, centuries old beauty traditions can’t be wrong, can they?!

Like many of The Body Shop products, the Pure Shea Butter has a multitude of positive uses. It is hugely beneficial to increase moisture levels, to soothe dry and irritated skin, and to nourish the skin. It can also be used to hydrate the hair and soothe chapped lips. Basically you can use it on any and all skin that you may find on your body!

Another huge bonus in my book is the fact that there is no fragrance in this. Something I have made a conscious effort to do in my skincare and beauty routines in 2019 is to stay far away from fragrance. The Pure Shea Butter contains absolutely NO hint of fragrance. This means that the nasty ingredients that are usually added to achieve the scent are left out.

While the Pure Shea Butter is incredible (and I haven’t even mentioned that it is vegan AND the packaging is 100% recyclable) it is very difficult to use when it is not soft.

Pure Shea Butter

Pure Shea Butter

Do not get me wrong, once it is soft it is extremely malleable and easy to work with. But when it is hard (we’re in Winter right now, so the air is V cold), it is VERY hard. You really do have to remember to put it into the sun prior to using, or pop it into the microwave for 20 seconds prior to use.

Instead, I prefer to opt for my Shea Nourishing Body Lotion (R135) which offers almost as many benefits as the Pure Shea Butter. It is a much more “lotion-y” formula and there is a scent – which is described as warm and nutty. I couldn’t tell you if it was made with exactly 197 shea nuts like the pure version is made with though 😉

All that being said, I would still 100% use this until it is finished up. It is a fabulous product with so many conscious benefits to both the earth and your body!

Rayne XX

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