Revitalize your morning with the Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel from NIVEA {REVIEW}

Revitalize your morning with the Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel from NIVEA {REVIEW}

I don’t think I have ever dedicated an entire blog post to one single lone shower gel. The Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel from NIVEA is just soooo divine though that I couldn’t NOT talk about it.

If I am being entirely honest, I need to start off with a side note:

  • I am just as – if not more – obsessed with the Sunshine Love Shower Gel. And I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I told my boyfriend “I smell like I have been in the sun all day”. Seriously – I said this without knowing the name! You do indeed smell like sunshine when using it.
    My bottle of Sunshine Love is long long gone, hence no photos.
    Chris also loves the Fresh Pure Shower Gel. We are clearly bigger lovers of the NIVEA shower gels than I realized.

Okay, moving on to the fabbidy fab Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel. This oil pearl infused bottle of goodness to advertised to cleanse the skin with a velvety foam, as well as invigorate and revitalize. And it truly does just this.

The Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel ticks all the sought after boxes for me. It foams up luxuriously (especially when used on a loofah), it leaves the skin feeling soft with not a single trace of stickiness or tightness, and it smells divine.

The oil pearls within the formula ensure that your skin is left feeling soft, smooth and nourished. And like I mentioned above, there is no “tight” feeling left behind. So often I use a shower gel that leaves a film on my skin, almost as if I applied soap to my skin which I did not rinse off properly. NOT pleasant.

Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel (9)

Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel

You can see the oil pearls through the bottle but trying to capture an image of them is a different story..

So all in all, a short and sweet post. But the Lemongrass & Oil (or the Sunshine Love) Shower Gels really are two lovely additions to pop into your shower!

Retails R36,99 from most retail stores; Click, Pick n Pay, Spar, the usual.

Rayne xx

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  1. Elzaan at 2:04 PM

    I love shower gels but the stickiness of some out me off completely! This seems like a really nice product đź’š

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