Make-Up Remover Favourites Part 1: BALMS {FAVOURITES}

Make-Up Remover Favourites Part 1: BALMS {FAVOURITES}

One of the most asked make-up related questions that I get is: “What is the best way to remove your make-up?”. And there really is no right answer. It all depends on your skin type and sometimes the degree of make-up can also alter what type of remover you should be using.

I have a few favourite products, all depending on which season we are in. How heavy my make-up application is on the evening is question will also alter my product decision. I’ve decided to split the products into three categories: BALMS, OIL & EMULSIONS and MICELLAR WATERS.

Today I am focusing on my preferred choice of make-up remover. Balms! I freaking love a great cleansing balm and I would definitely reach for a balm over any other form of make-up remover.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm from ELEMIS – R1050 for a 105g tub

Starting with my number one of all seven products that will be featured across this series. This solid Cleansing Balm from ELEMIS changed my make-up removing game for good. Nothing, NOTHING, will ever be as great as this is. The scent, the consistency, the way my skin feels after using it. Everything. I always assumed (and you know what they say about assuming) that a balm would leave your face feeling oily, thus equaling clogged skin and pimples. Thankfully this does the complete opposite and my skin is left feeling sumptuous, bouncy and full of health. It does not leave any trace of tightness or dryness to the skin. An added bonus is that you need less than a pea size amount to remove an entire face of makeup. I do generally tend to go in a second time with a smidgen extra on my eyes. And the best part is it does not sting your eyes in the least. I find this incredibly rare with make-up removers!

And lastly… the scent is beyond divine. I swear it has essential oils or something to give it the most relaxing scent. Which also aids in falling asleep 😉 All of the above is why this is the ONLY cleansing balm I have ever repurchased. As a beauty blogger I have products coming out of my ears, so repurchasing a product is actually a big deal. And I will happily spend my hard earned moola on this cleansing balm.


Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm from Clinique – R325 for a 125ml tub

I have only tried a little sample size of this but it is a real beauty. It is also solid but it has a thinner consistency than the ELEMIS. You do need a bit more product but it works absolutely beautifully with no stinging when removing eye make-up. It is definitely an option for me to purchase in the future. It also left no feelings of tightness or dryness on the skin.

There is no scent to the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm which is totally a personal preference when choosing a make-up remover. AND you can now purchase Clinique from Clicks stores!


Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter from The Body Shop – R220 for a 90ml tub

After my semi-disaster with the Camomile Cleansing Oil (all will be revealed in the oil segment of this series), I was so chuffed to finally pick it up. The price point is perfection. The packaging however gets on my nerves. It is basically a giant Zambuk tin! You need to remember to open this prior to your bath or shower, so it can lay open somewhere close by.

Nevertheless, it is divine, it cleanses smoothly and my make-up is removed easy peasy. It also smells great and the word ‘sumptuous’ in the title is not incorrect. It really leaves your face feeling radiant, full of health and bouncy. A sure winner for me, with a favourable price-tag.


This post was so short and sweet! What do you guys think; are you liking the shorter, snappier posts? My next installment in this series will feature Make-Up Remover Oils & Emulsions and I only have two or three that I approve of so I would love to hear your suggestions for others!

Rayne XX