You’ve finished yet another bottle of Hendrick’s Gin – now what?? {DIY}

You’ve finished yet another bottle of Hendrick’s Gin – now what?? {DIY}

While ending a bottle of your beloved Hendrick’s Gin can be a sad affair, turn it into an opportunity to bring something new to life. The Hendrick’s Gin South Africa Team clearly knew that I had many an empty bottle of Hendrick’s at home and so decided to come up with a few nifty ways to extend the longevity of the unique bottle’s life. 

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1. Light fixture: Create an elegant light fixture with an empty Hendricks’ Gin bottle or two.

Simply cut off the top of the bottle, drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and insert the wiring and bulb of your choice. You’ll no doubt be the talk of the town once you’re done styling the inside or outside of your home with these beautifully curious light fixtures.

2. Candle:

After cutting the top of the bottle off, fill the inside with candle wax of your choice and a wick. Voila – you’ve instantly created a beautiful candle for those quixotic candlelight dinners at home. We would suggest using a rose scented wax, while you enjoy cucumber sandwiches and a G&T – it’s no secret that rose petals and cucumber are Hendrick’s Gin’s beloved companions. This is my personal favourite and I might use ALL of mine for this!!

3. Flower pot:

What better place to grow your herbs than an empty Hendrick’s Gin bottle? Better yet, why not use the pot to cultivate your very own cucumbers! Simply trim off the top, drill a few holes in the base to drain any excess water and you’re ready to plant. Fill it with potting soil and some seedlings and observe the life that sprouts over time – patience is key for this one.

4. Pen holder:

Having your stationery organised has never been this easy. With a quick trim of the top, you can effortlessly transform your empty Hendrick’s Gin bottle into a mini writing sword holder.

5. No cutting needed:

For those of you who want to steer away from the cutting of glass. You can use your bottle as a flower vase, a candleholder, a room diffuser or even a soap dispenser! There are hundreds of unique ways to take this simply beautiful bottle, and make it a part of your home. Monochromatic décor has never been easier – or more delicious. This is definitely my second favourite option. I would even opt for a Hendrick’s Gin scented room diffuser if that was an option 😉

And there you have it! Let me know if you have any additional peculiar, yet resourceful, repurposes of these unusually unique black bottles.


Rayne XX

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