Fit Me Concealers from Maybelline {REVIEW}

Fit Me Concealers from Maybelline {REVIEW}

WOW. Can you believe that last time I posted I was rejoicing with happiness at the fact that I back to blogging. Well. Well well well… my laptop then proceeded to break and I have now, after FOUR weeks, finally got it back.

I knew one of my first posts since being back in the blogging game would be on the majestic Fit Me concealers from Maybelline. Reason being that I have posted about them before (last January, after a trip to London) and fell completely in love. I even included it in my round up of Ultimate Picks from Maybelline post last year.

I am basically going to rehash the pros and cons from my previous reviews. The Fit Me concealer is creamy, covers beautifully and gives an overall blurred effect. The shade range has been increased twice since my original review and this alone gets Maybelline 5 stars! There are 12 shades in total which does not seem like a huge amount but the spectrum of shades and undertones is broad. Overall, as someone who is ridiculously pale, I am very impressed.

I find that the Fit Me range of concealers works well for both brightening the undereye area, for priming the eyelids and covering my veiny eyelids. Another reason I am obsessed is the fact that the Fit Me has a very faint banana yellow undertone which suits my unfortunately slightly sallow skin perfectly. It is VERY rare to find this undertone in pale shades, and shades 10 and 15 work gorgeously for this.

My only negative with the concealer could barely be ranked as a negative at all. When you dab this in with your finger as opposed to a beauty blender or brush, it leaves faint fingermarks. See? Barely qualifies as a negative.

Swatching the lightest (5), medium (25) and darkest (60) shades

One of the most coveted drugstore concealers of the last two years is now available on our SA shores! You can pick these up at Clicks stores and every other Maybelline counter. The price is roughly R110 each.

And for the record, I absolutely adore what our SA Maybelline team did with our heritage based press packs! Bringing #OwnYourHeritage to social media is so brilliant. Us South Africans can be excited to have another brand to cater for ALL of us.

Let me know in the comments, have you tried the Fit Me concealers? Do you have any other products from Maybelline that you’d like me to review?

Rayne XX


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  1. Simone Cameron at 12:39 PM

    I haven’t tried these, but I really want to. When I can justify buying concealer, this is definitely on my list to grab!