Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette from Sleek {REVIEW}

Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette from Sleek {REVIEW}

I want to say it has been a hot minute since I really sat down to write. But in actuality it has been more than a hot month. The minute is freezing cold, cooked way way past done. Bring out the faux fur lined khaki-green Cape Town K-Way puffer parkas because that is how cold it is.

Nevertheless, I finally feel like I am back and ready to roll! To give you an idea, my last non-sponsored post went live on 30th March and I am typing this out on 31st May… Wowzers. Basically I went on a year in the making family trip to Mauritius, immediately followed by an out of town trip with Eucerin. Then my boyfriend and myself (we were in our 6th year together) broke up and life has been one spiraling vortex of chaos since then. The admin that goes along with a breakup… wow. How do people go through divorces?! Coupled with it currently being beauty launch season, I have definitely felt the strain. I cannot even fathom how people with children are able to function in busy parts of life. Oh and I am of course trying to maintain a social life and relationship with my family through all this.

All that being said, I feel like I am finally back in action! Not sure if it is excitement or the fear of the 20-something press drops screaming at me like a bunch of banshees and threatening to self-combust. But here I am.

Now let me get straight into the blog post before my musings turn into a novel. Today I am chatting about the Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette from Sleek. If you are new around these parts you should know that my ride or die highlighters are all from Sleek. I must have featured their highlight palettes over ten times by now. You can read about them here if you want to read a super ravey post. For the record, Cleopatra’s Kiss is my favourite.

Distorted Dreams

Distorted Dreams

Distorted Dreams differs from the rest of the Sleek palettes in the way it is designed. The palette is a square design with five shades. (The previous palettes are rectangular with four shades). Containing three creams and two powder formulas in different sizes, I find both incredibly easy to work with. Truth be told, it was the Sleek palettes which finally made me believe in the magic of cream highlighters.

The shades are Anodize, Beam, Sweet Delusion, Refracted and Blurred Lights. Unfortunately there is no way to correspond the shade names and the colours themselves… really Sleek. Describing the shades will just have to do here… One is a luminous pearly white cream with a holographic pink sheen. The smallest shade is a glittery blue cream. Thankful for this, as blue is definitely the least wearable! The final cream is a pale mint green. The powder options are a bronze gold and a pale reflective pink. The pink is super radiating and also contains either shimmer or glitter. I cannot quite put my finger on it.

There is nothing bad I can say about the Distorted Dreams palette apart from the issue with the shade names. The palette is fairly large, weighing in at 6g. The expiration on the palette is 12 months (which I always call BS on).

The payoff is brilliant. BLINDING. All the Sleek highlighters are always phenomenal and long lasting. They give you the sought after “wet look” without having to involve any water.

The teeniest negative would be that the sheen is so bright that any imperfections on your cheekbones will be, quite literally, highlighted. But YOLO and I’m going down with banging highlighter.

It also contains a generous and amazing quality mirror, much nicer than the usual mirrors you get in palettes. This leaves the palette feeling really luxurious and weighty.

All of the shades, whether cream or powder, are thick and creamy yet easy to blend. I use a brush to pack on the powder and a beauty blender to dab the cream onto the face.

Distorted Dreams

Top with flash, bottom without flash

Overall the palette can be viewed is slightly unwearable what with the green and blue. But all you need to do is read the online reviews and try it out for yourself to realize for unbelievably wearable those shades actually are.

The Distorted Dreams palette retails for 11 pounds are is unfortunately available for immediate purchase in South Africa. You can easily order it online from the Sleek website.

Rayne XX

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  1. Simone at 8:34 PM

    I’m so sorry to hear about the breakup Rayne? I sensed something was off (duh Simone…talks of a roommate)…but I didn’t want to ask or intrude. I hope you’re okay ♥️

    I enjoyed this review. I’ve always wanted to try Sleek products, especially the highligher. Probably not this one, but the powder one (the name fails me now).

    Welcome back…we’ve missed you!

  2. Megan Smith at 5:51 PM

    Did not know you were going through such a difficult time! I’m so sorry Rayne. I also don’t know how people function through breakups, but we’re really glad you’re back! Loved the review, and the highlighters look drool-worthy

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