I tried out the brand new BOOST! Skin Serums and I’ll definitely be keeping them in my routine {REVIEW}

I tried out the brand new BOOST! Skin Serums and I’ll definitely be keeping them in my routine {REVIEW}

Over a month ago, Rubybox contacted me about testing out a brand new, mega interesting new range of serums that would be launching in South Africa in March – BOOST!. I was VERY intrigued!

I was sent an info pack on BOOST!, as well as which skin types they formulate each serum towards. And it is very impressive. The six serums are:

  • Glow
  • Calm
  • Clear
  • Energise
  • Quench
  • Smooth

BOOST! Skin Serum

I was then asked to choose two serums. And – this is the intriguing part – to insert them into my skincare routine as is. No changing, to leaving anything out, no altering my skincare routine around the serum. I went for Glow BOOST! and Quench BOOST!. Generally my skin is not too problematic, but I suffer with dehydration and tight skin, especially in the eye and jaw area. Also, under my nose is constantly red, dry and irritated.

My skincare routine can tend to get quite in-depth depending on how my skin is behaving that day, and what season we are in. For now my skincare routine goes as follows, in this exact order:

– Removing makeup – ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
– Cleansing – Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aging Treatment Boosting Cleansing
– Toning – ELEMIS Soothing Apricot Toner
– BOOST! Skin Serums – A few drops of Glow and Quench mixed together
– For moisturiser I bounce between the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Ultra Rich Marine Cream and the calm water gel from dermalogica mixed with the barrier defense booster which is also from dermalogica.

BOOST! is scientifically formulated and performance driven; delivering high performance products that address your skin concerns directly.

The BOOST! serums are housed beautifully, they really make you feel as if you are using a luxe skincare product. Each of the six serums is encased in an identical matte silver bottle with has a shiny silver lid with a built in dropper. The front is then colour coded with a minimalist logo. For example, my chosen serums of Glow and Quench are stamped with a sun and a water droplet.

Glow is aimed towards brigher looking and healthier skin, as well as an even complexion.

Quench is formulated to maintain high levels of hydration in the skin and also to relieve dryness.

BOOST! Skin Serum

Something I found extremely interesting is – even though I mentioned above that I have quite tame skin in terms of it not breaking out or behaving badly – as I read through each of the individual serums, I realised I actually could have done with a little bit of each! In particular I love the sound of the Energise and Smooth serum options.

As I mentioned above, I use my BOOST! serums together. I drop about three drops of each onto my fingers and gently massage them into the skin in upward motions. I also make sure to include my neck and as far down towards my chest as I am able to. The Glow and Quench serums are completely different in colour, texture and consistency. MANY a time I test out a range of skincare and I found all the products within the range to be similar. You can rest easy knowing that each serum from BOOST! is clearly formulated completely differently to the next.

An iconic brand. A clear concept. A multitude of benefits.

So how did I find the serums? I incorporated both the serums into my skincare routine for just under a month. I bounced between using them day and evening, and evening only. My first thoughts were that my skin felt immediately plumped up and firmer. I definitely was not expecting that!

Usually in the mornings I stay away from serum or dewy-skin-enhancing products. I just find that they take my extremely dehydrated skin and turn it into an oil slick by the afternoon. However, these serums did not leave my looking oily in the least! Check out the photo timeline below.

After the first use, in the evening.

By 3pm, two weeks into testing both the serums together.

At 2pm, four weeks into using the serums.

No one like to say they think they look fabulous, but I 100% think my skin is looking pretty damn good! My skin has improved in terms of hydration, dewiness and, above all that, it just looks healthier. No more dull and sullen looking skin for me 😉

The price spectrum ranges from R299.99 and R349.99 depending on which one you choose. I find this price to be the perfect mid-range serum price. I have plenty serums which go way past the R1,000 mark that do not give me results as beautifully as these do. And it just goes to show you, you can never trust a skincare product based on it’s price tag!

If you’d like to find out some more info on the range of BOOST! Skin Serums, you can check out their website here. And you can also follow them on Instagram here.

Let me know in the comments – are you looking forward to testing these out? Which one of the six options woul you go for?

Rayne XX

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