HD Banana Finishing Powder from NYX {REVIEW}

HD Banana Finishing Powder from NYX {REVIEW}

I have been wanting a banana powder for YEARS. Ever since they became on trend maybe two or three years ago, but I could never find one that was absolutely raved about, so I never bought one. Then I was scrolling through the Clicks website over December and I saw the NYX HD Banana Finishing Powder! I was beyond excited – I ordered it online and received it three days later. 

prednisone cost I posted about it on Instagram and I had an influx of makeup lovers messaging me saying that they are huge fans of this banana powder. I’m not surewhere or why everyone was hiding before, but apparently the world was loving this powder before I even knew it existed.

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HD Banana Finishing Powder

There are three shades available; translucent, banana and mint green. Translucent would be for setting your entire face. The banana powder helps to soften and blur fine lines and pores. And the mint green alleviates overall redness on your face.

Over the last few months I have been struggling with my concealer creasing underneath my eyes. And BADLY. And I am talking about concealers that I have used for ages. They just, out of no where, decided it would be great to crease when they never would before. Therefore I bought the banana powder with a mind to actually set my under eye concealer. Side note, I used to set my under eye concealer when I was all about the matte life. I am more of a dewy girl now so I stopped setting my under eyes. BUT… then I was worried, would setting the concealer make me look old? Setting your under eye area has a tendency to dry the area out and age you by a million years.

Thankfully, the himcolin gel price fund HD Banana Finishing Powder is soft and silky and applies beautifully. Take a look at this swatch picture below – the powder looks EXTREMELY chalky. I can assure you, it is not chalky in the slightest. And remember, I paid good money for this product! No lies here! But you can use it for baking if you want. Usually a loose powder would be best for baking but somehow this pressed powder works like a dream. I tend to stay away from baking these days. Like I said, it’s the dewy life for me, but you can use this if baking floats your boat.

HD Banana Finishing Powder

HD Banana Finishing Powder

It is VERY finely milled, and no, your skin will not go yellow! It completely camouflages into your skin but I fear it could possibly look ashy on tan and darker skin tones.

I like to apply it with my Real Techniques Setting Brush (also available from Clicks) for underneath my eyes. If I am applying it to my entire face I go for my Sigma face brush or Real Techniques Powder Brush.


The enalapril cost NYX HD Finishing Powder is R175 for an 8g compact. I have been using it for going on three months and it is no where near hitting pan. I see this lasting me for months and months!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! Also let me know if you have any requests for reviews on NYX goodies. I have been doing a LOT of online shopping lately…. 

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  1. Simone Cameron at 9:33 AM

    I wonder if it’s the same formula as the one in the Highlight and Contour palette….though my banana powder looks more beige these days from being used to much. lol.

    Great review…sounds like a great product. I seriously love the Contour and Highlight palette….so I can believe this powder is good too.

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