Anthology L’Imperatrice 3 from Dolce & Gabbana {FRAGRANCE CHRONICLES}

Anthology L’Imperatrice 3 from Dolce & Gabbana {FRAGRANCE CHRONICLES}

It has been more than a minute since I have posted a fragrance review – but, after a three month gap, I am finally back with another one. Today I am featuring the most phenomenal, and one of the most breathtaking fragrances in my collections; Anthology L’Imperatrice 3 from Dolce & Gabbana.

So straight off the bat I am going to note that I don’t think this is directly available for purchase in South Africa. My incredible (and generous) boss bought this for me as a gift when she was in London. I have been searching online and it seems you can purchase it from smaller importers (just make triple sure that they are legit!!!). The average price I am seeing among the online stores is around the R1,390 mark.

Succulent exotic fruits and bright pink florals give way to a musky, appetite-arousing base. Top notes: rhubarb, red currant, juicy kiwi accord. Heart notes: pink cyclamen, fresh watermelon accord. Base notes: musky notes, sandalwood, grapefruit wood.

Anthology L’Imperatrice 3 is designed for ‘The Star’ personality type. Think delicate yet energetic. She is happy, passionate and vibrant. She is compelling and dynamic. Now, don’t you just want to be that girl?
Anthology L’Imperatrice 3
Anthology L’Imperatrice 3
In my opinion, the list of notes in the fragrance seem quite sweet and fruity but they melt down into such a divine, sultry yet mature scent. Not overly sweet, or even quite that sweet at all. Overall I would describe it as powerful but soft and uplifting.
Top notes: Rhubarb, Red Currant, Juicy Kiwi Accord
Heart notes: Pink Cyclamen, Fresh Watermelon Accord
Base notes: Musky Notes, Sandalwood, Grapefruit Wood
I definitely pick up on the musk, pink cyclamen and sandalwood more than anything else. Oddly enough, the kiwi, watermelon, grapefruit and rhubarb would be my top note scents to choose from. But somehow the more “mature” scents work so well with the more fun and fruity notes.
Anthology L’Imperatrice 3
The thought that went into the design of the Anthology L’Imperatrice range is outstanding. The collection was inspired by tarot cards and their markings. I find this to be so unique and mystical and different, so not expected from a brand like Dolce & Gabbana.
Each fragrance in the collection is represented by a celebrity – number 3 being represented by Naomi Campbell.
I absolutely adore the simplicity of the bottle. The cap lid screws up and is ridged all the way around. It is a very weighty and luxurious feeling bottle. Definitely one of the favourites in my collection!
Let me know in the comments below.. does the Anthology L’Imperatrice collection sound like something you would want to try?
Rayne XX
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  1. hokehoke at 8:57 AM

    I’m going to make the strawberry rhubarb cake every Friday until rhubarb runs out. I made it once last year and thought it was the best thing ever. I love it so much

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