Get your legs Summer Ready with Loving Touch! {GIVEAWAY]

Get your legs Summer Ready with Loving Touch! {GIVEAWAY]

I have mentioned online that my family and I are making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mauritius this April and I have been on a super quest to find the PERFECT traveling accessories. This includes the best skincare, sunscreen, nourishing shampoo, water proof makeup and more. One of the more important aspects would have having smooth legs while I am lying on the lounge chair next to the swimming pool. (I am soooo not a beach girl!).

I have switched to using Loving Touch razors and shaving gel since November and I have not looked back once. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will find a giveaway. Loving Touch have generously sent a second Loving Touch hamper to spoil one of my readers with – whether you are spending your summer traveling or in South Africa.

Loving Touch

Summer calls for flawless bikini lines, smooth underarms and silky legs – no stubble allowed. So with the lure of beach days and poolside parties, the hunt for the perfect summer shave has begun. If you’re a sucker for a good bargain, but you aren’t prepared to compromise on quality, Loving Touch is your ticket to #summersmooth. It’s locally produced and offers great quality shaving solutions at a price you’ll love.


Loving Touch has geared their entire range towards both teens and ladies with sensitive skin. I had been using their triple blade Glam Disposable Razors for about two months before checking the price tag. R31,99 – can you believe it?! The pack comes with five disposable razors, which I assure you, you will not think were disposables.

My favourite option though, is the Allure Triple Blade Razor (R38,99 including 2 razor cartridges) used in conjunction with the Sensitive Shave Gel (R43,99). There is also a foam option option which I have not yet tried. The gel smells divine and comes out purple. It foams up nicely on the legs when you add water AND the can is rust free. These small things really makes a different to me. The amount of bloody shaving cream cans I have thrown away due to rust is ridic! The Allure Triple Blade Cartridges can be purchased separately for R24,99. Again, how affordable is that?! They are super user-friendly, all you do is push on the button on the back of the razor to release the cartridge and you pop the new one in.

Loving Touch

All of the Allure razors and blades are infused with soothing Vitamin E and an Aloe strip which will reduce irritation and moisturise the skin at the same time. All the blades are made from titanium and the Allure options are all swivel heads.

As well as the above, there is also an entire range especially for teen ladies. This includes a shaving gel, shave creme soft grip razors and disposable razors. All within the price range of R16,99 – R43,99.

NOW…. As I mentioned above. Loving Touch have kindly given me an extra press drop to give away to one reader! This press drop is exactly what us bloggers/media were sent so you will get to experience the excitement of receiving the same thing. It includes the shave gel, the Allure Triple Blade Razor, the extra cartridge pack AND a pool floaty. You know, so you have an excuse to show off your legs! Follow the Rafflecopter prompts below to enter and don’t forget to pop onto the Loving Touch Shave Facebook page.

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You can purchase Loving Touch from Clicks stores and Dis-Chem as well as their online stores.

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