Are brow pomades still on trend? Because the L’Oreal Paris Paradise Brow Pomade is a great option {REVIEW}

Are brow pomades still on trend? Because the L’Oreal Paris Paradise Brow Pomade is a great option {REVIEW}

EVERYONE knows that the ABH Dip Brow Pomade is one of the most coveted brow items of all time. And I always wondered why so very few make-up brands jumped on the bandwagon with their own versions. Until I found the Paradise Brow Pomade Extatic from L’Oréal.

I am pretty 50/50 sided on this pomade. The pros and cons are split down the middle for me but I am still happy to use it as a the cons are not dramatic enough to ensure the pomade does not work properly. Let’s jump straight into them, shall we.

Paradise Brow Pomade

Advertised as: ” Build your most perfect brows, with our 1st Brow Pomade for a natural or bold look. Create, define and fill your brows with this highly-pigmented, matte formula that glides on smoothly.
The ultra-precise slanted brush allows you to easily create the brows of your dreams! Longwear formula that resists smudging and fading.

The positives? The gorgeous packaging to start with. It is almost too pretty to pack away and I want the gorgeously metallic pink product displayed on my vanity at all times. It comes with a built in brush which, while I love the thought, is just not long enough in my opinion. I did try it out and it works fine to line and fill in your brows, but gripping the handle is a bit uncomfortable. If you were in a dire situation you would manage fine with it, but rather grab the eyebrow brush from Real Techniques. The staying power is great and I don’t need to touch my brows up at all during the day.

Paradise Brow Pomade

Paradise Brow Pomade

I ordered my Paradise Brow Pomade in the darkest shade, Ebony, and it is very dark indeed. I did notice some reviews online though complaining that it was not dark enough. This does not surprise me as I am hella pale so surely there should be, like, at least five more darker shades.

The formula is described as a gel matte formula which glides on smoothly. It is completely matte but it is more powdery than gel. Actually, I would not describe it as gel at all. Therefore it can be a bit patchy at times. It is easily mallable and easy to work with, so the non-gelness of it is not such a big deal. But definitely do not expect a gel formula. I find I have to put in the extra effort with this compared to other brow products but the result is always worth it. Also be sure to keep a spooly on hand as it will go a long way to alleviating the patchiness.

Paradise Brow Pomade

My awesome boss brought the Paradise Brow Pomade back from London for me. It was just under ten pounds which puts it at roughly R165. Hopefully South Africa will be getting the entire Paradise range from L’Oréal sometimes soon. But I am not getting my hopes up.

Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 9:44 AM

    Still sitting over here waiting for Lash Paradise mascara to hit our shores…so definitely won’t hold my breath for this. lol.

    I have never used a brow pomade….ever….. I may give this a bash if it comes to SA. Great review 🙂

  2. buzzandmusic at 8:33 AM

    I couldn’t agree more! I love my new brows and I love Brooke! I wouldn’t trust anyone but her!! After all, our brows frame our face. It is insanely important to have them and to have them look good!!!

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