Plush Up Lip Gelato and Plump Up Lip Liner from Elizabeth Arden {REVIEW}

Plush Up Lip Gelato and Plump Up Lip Liner from Elizabeth Arden {REVIEW}

What a belated post! These beautiful Plush Up Lip Gelato lippies and their matching Plump Up Lip Liner’s were released by Elizabeth Arden last year and they pretty much kept me going through the entire Dec/January holiday.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen these featured SO MANY TIMES. It is unusual for me to play with products before taking pictures for blog posts but the day these arrived I popped Natural Blush into my handbag for the night ahead.

Lip Gelato

Lip Gelato

I had no clue what to expect from them but I got the nicest surprise when I applied it and felt the instantly refreshing minty payoff. Just divine! The formula itself is a light cream sheen effect, leaving your lips shiny but not in a shimmering kind of way. It is just deliciously moisturising and gentle on your lips. I am soooo moving away from my matte obsession and instead opting for these sort of lipsticks.

The unique cooling ingredients creates an instantly plumped up look while the sweet gelato flavor creates an addiction that will keep you wanting to come back for more.

The Lip Gelato collection consists of ten shades, from natural (Natural Blush) to deep burgundy (Black Cherry). They give you a light slick of colour on days where you need a bit of a more sophisticated or downplayed look. I especially like popping them into my handbag to wear on the daily at work. They keep my lips moisturised but I still have some colour to my face. I have three shades, Natural Blush, Candy Girl and Plum Perfect.

Lip Gelato

If you are wanting to add a bit more pizazz to your look, cue the freaking gorgeous Plump Up Lip Liners. I absolutely LOVE THESE. I want them in every colour. There are five in total, again, from nude to deep burgandy.

Vintage Pink and Kiss of Coral

This smooth, creamy, lightweight formula shapes and defines lips. Use the liner to plump and perfect the look of lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. The applicator allows for seamless blending and filling in with the silicone tip.

I don’t use these to line the outside of my lips. I prefer to line my lips and fill them in with the Plump Up Lip Liner and then go over my lips with the Lip Gelato. This gives them a fuller and more opaque look for a more dressed up look for night time. Dabbing a bit of highlighter onto my cupids bow really pulls a night time look together perfectly.

Overall, both these products sit on my list of “Favourites of 2016”. You will need to reapply your Lip Gelato multiple times a day, as is the nature of such a sheeny and moisturising product. However if you are using the Plump Up Lip Liner you will get a few hours wear before reapplying.

Both of these can be purchased from Edgars, Foschini, Red Square and Woolworths. The Lip Gelatos go for R295 each and the Plump Up Lip Liners go for R225 each.

Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 7:47 AM

    Natural blush is my favourite too!!

    I love the black cone…I bought little cones to also do something creative with pictures for these, but alas….my creative brain died on me…when in doubt, I just add petals. lol.

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