Flawless Base Set from Real Techniques {REVIEW}

Flawless Base Set from Real Techniques {REVIEW}

Even though I constantly buy brushes and brush sets – I have never actually put up a REVIEW post on any sets or combo packs before. I fell head over heels in love with all four of these brushes in the Flawless Base Set from Real Techniques – and the fact that they come in one consolidated set just had me so keen to put up a review. I did ask on Instagram and the majority of people said yes, they loooove this kind of post. So I am definitely going to do it more often!

The Flawless Base Set contains the following: (I am posting exactly from the website as to be super specific)

  • contour brush: for delicate application of highlighter or contour product above or below cheekbones
  • detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas. Tip: use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
  • buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of loose or compact powder foundation
  • square foundation brush: densely packed + unique cut to build custom coverage with liquid foundation
  • brush cup: keeps brushes organized on your counterFlawless Base Set
    Flawless Base Set

So those points are taken directly from the website. Now, these are my bonus points, after having used them for almost a month.

  • contour brush: As far as I know, this brush is exclusive to this set. And. AND. I may very well purchase another set based solely on this brush! Above, it states it is for delicate application. But I find it also packs a whopping punch if you are going for more of an intense look. It also has the perfect head for applying highlighter. And that is exactly why I may purchase another set!
  • detailer brush: This is meant for concealing and lipstick but I have found it PERFECT for brows and lips!
  • buffing brush: I feel the same away about this buffing brush as I do about the contour brush. OBSESSED. I think you can buy this one separately, and, if that is the case, I will be buying another very soon. It is completely non streaky and overall works like a dream.
  • brush cup: I did not realize it came with a brush cup – even thought it very clearly states it online AND on the packaging – and truth be told, I think I would have been a bit meh. BUT… it is so useful! It is a white branded rectangular brush holder and it comes in SO much useful than I would have otherwise expected.

Flawless Base Set

Flawless Base Set

I purchased my Flawless Base Set from Clicks online when it was R360 on a 20% off special over December. It is currently available for R450 which – divided by all 5 ites – is less than R100 an item! Considering the cheapest Real Techniques brush is R105, this is a major bargain

I will ALWAYS recommend Real Techniques as a brush brand to anyone who asks. I own brushes from Zoeva and Sigma – some of the best of the best – and they are amazing, buy RT continually knocks it out the park! Affordability, consistency and good quality is what I think of when I buy from them.

Rayne XX

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