Surprise surprise.. someone let me loose in The Body Shop again! {HAUL}

Surprise surprise.. someone let me loose in The Body Shop again! {HAUL}

I honestly don’t know how I made it out of 2017 with any money to my name. And that is purely thanks to The Body Shop! This must be my fourth or fifth haul blog post this year alone from shopping sprees I have done inside their walls. And you know what? The best part about the shopping spree is that I don’t feel guilty because I never spend too much – their deals are just so great.

This would also be a good time to point out that, while I have done past blog collaborations with TBS, every single haul post features products that I spent my own money on. I can hands down tell you that TBS is my favourite skincare and makeup brand of all time. Hands down. ALSO I purchased all of these as part of their famous 3-for-2 specials BUT they are currently running January specials where loads of products are between 20% – 40% off. So the pricing here may be slightly wonky.

So generally what I do in a haul post is just show you what I have purchased as I have not actually tried these products yet. In this case I have tested one or two of them and I will give you a teensy review, but I will have full blog posts up on the most requested products. Here we gooooo! I have just counted and there are 12 bloody items. I will try and get through these as quickly as possible!

Frosted Berries Candle – R200 (Limited Edition)

These are limited edition and I have mentioned them recently on my blog. As of the last time I was in The Body Shop – 28th December 2018 – they were still available. They are never heavily stocked and they are flying off the shelves. So if you see them – grab one! They smell great. Not overly scented, but they definitely scent up an entire room.

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream – R130

This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my sister. I actually swatched it on my face and, upon asking the sales assistant if it matched me, she asked what my skin type is. When I told her dehydrated, she said she won’t let me leave the store with the product. I was still “allowed” to leave with one as I swore it was for my sister 😉 I know that Tea Tree is better suited to oily and normal skin, but this just smelled so great and the colour matched me perfectly that I really wanted it.

Body Shop

Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask – R190

This was a Christmas purchase for my other sister. Again, clay masks are better suited to combo and oily skin but I have used an entire tub up of this when I have pimples and it worked brilliantly. You can see my previous post here – but please note the packaging featured here is the updated packaging.

Body Shop

Mineral and Ginger Warming Clay Mask – R175

This mask I have tried already. The same day I bought it I had to use it because I had never used a warming mask before! The sensation is really something so different and not uncomfortable at all. I will have a full review up on this one for sure! Basically the mask is warm on your face as you massage it in and it stops being warm when you finish massaging it. So it is very short lived. I also am not a fan of ginger in anything but I loved what the ginger did to my skin. You can really feel the revitalizing effects of it.

Body Shop

Pink Grapefruit/British Rose Body Scrubs – R200 – Satsuma Energising Body Polish – R170 – Strawberry/Satsuma Shower Gels – R99

Out of all the classic Body Shop products, the body scrub and body polish options are my faves! The scrubs are more jelly-ish, but the body polish seriously does the job! They are brilliant for exfoliating and they are my scrub of choice before I fake tan my legs and arms. I think The Body Shop is most famous for their shower gels and body butters and I still cannot get over the fact that their shower gel retails for R99 each (Clicks is having a sale right now and I scooped two up or R60 each!!). I gifted a few people with a shower gel for this past Christmas.

Body Shop

Vitamin E BB Cream – R155

I have used this about three times now and I raved about it all over my Instagram! It is VERY dewy and glowy and long lasting. However it is minimal coverage so I would only recommend it for verrrrry good skin days. But I am addicted! The product only comes in one shade which thankfully suits me perfectly. And the price tag is absolutely insane! I will definitely have a full post up on this one too.

Body Shop

Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask – R190

This was a little something I popped into my basket because I was pretty much looking for anything and everything that would help with hydrating my skin. I am very excited to give it a go as I am not a sleeping mask fan BUT The Body Shop sleep masks are the only ones that I can tolerate.

Moisture Foundation – R190

A review on this foundy has been SO highly requested but for now I can tell you that it is fab. For my dehydrated skin it is perfect as it gives moisture and hydration simultaneously. The coverage is very light yet it is quite builadble. I have not use it as a high coverage base yet so I will test that out before writing the review. And again, like with the BB cream above, this is only R190! The Body Shop has blown my mind this year with all their makeup and super affordable prices!

Body Shop


Thanks for checking out this post – please leave me a comment and let me know which of these you would like to see a review on!

Rayne XX

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