Armani Si Le Parfum from Giorgio Armani {THE FRAGRANCE CHRONICLES}

Armani Si Le Parfum from Giorgio Armani {THE FRAGRANCE CHRONICLES}


Armani Si Le Parfum


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Deemed as one of the most fabulous and classic scents of the last few years. It is obvious as to why this designer fragrance is my personal number one favourite.


With main accords of vanilla, aromatics and woody scents, I would call this the perfect blend of flavours for both younger and mature women. The patchouli adds in the more mature scent whilst the sweet vanilla freshens it up but still leaves it smelling clean and slightly baby powdery. Overall I pick up heavily on the vanilla and the sweetness, those are the lingering flavours to me.


Armani Si Le Parfum


The initial sweet punch of vanilla, greens and fruit leaves a delicate smell behind as it quickly softens into the skin.


I am pretty dismal with doing justice to perfumes in a review, so below you can see what the internet says about Armani Si Le Parfum:

A sensual chypre with a harmonious balance between powerful Absolutes. With Jasmine & Vanilla and beautiful Essences such as Blackcurrant & Patchouli. Delicately blended together with incense. The noble ingredients of еxamine benadryl uk Si Le Parfum unleash their highly seductive ambery notes. Highly concentrated (25%), elocon cream cost confirm Armani Si Le Parfum is above all a tribute to raw material.”



Out of all the inventory indulekha hair oil price in india Si options, this is the highest concentrate and therefore the scent is the most intense and lasts the longest. My favourite aspect of all of this scent is that the initial smells alters itself on each person’s body. This leaves you with your own individual smell. Only last week I complimented my colleague on her perfume to then be told she was wearing Armani Si Le Parfum! And all this on the same day that I was wearing it!


While researching Armani Si Le Parfum online, I saw a few reviews that I found off. A few people said it smells faintly like “bruised fruit” after a couple of hours. Try as I might, and I totally respect other peoples’ opinions, I could not catch the smell of bruised fruit?! I would put this down to the fact that the perfume ultimately will change on each person’s body. Definitely grab a sample of this before purchasing the perfume if you are worried about smelling like bruised fruit 😉


Overall I would call this a luxe perfume, perfect as an anniversary present or as a wedding day scent. The gorgeous bottle is packaged inside of a powder pink suede draw-string bag embossed with the Armani logo. This is the perfect way to open the bottle as it just gives it that extra little kick of luxury. The bag is then popped inside a powder pink box, again emblazed with the Si logo. Eleven out of ten points for gorgeousness!  I can without a doubt call this my current favourite perfume. Did I say that already?


Armani Si Le Parfum


Customers can find this perfume in most retailers such as Edgars, Red Square, Foschini etc at R1,905 for 50ml.


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