What did I think of the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour from Rimmel? {REVIEW}

What did I think of the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour from Rimmel? {REVIEW}

Matte liquid lipsticks. The must have product of 2017! Every single brand has released their own matte liquid lipstick, and then newer versions and shades as time went on. It is as if the matte trend is never ending and I SO did not hate it! Matte lipstick is the formula of my choice so you can well believe I was excited when I received 12 of the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours from Rimmel to try out.

All in all there are fifteen shades but the three I did not try are a range of grey and black, so all good in the hood. Looking at the swatches from top to bottom, the shades are: Rose & Shine, Pink Bliss, Blush, Pink Blink, Fire Starter, Coral Sass, Latte To Go, Moca, Be My Baby, Midnight, Plum This Show, Heartbeat.

Stay Matte

My heart just skips a beat every time I see the line up. If you are into nudes, pinky nudes and blush pinks, this range is SO FOR YOU. I mean seriously, nudes are still here to stay and the Rimmel Stay Matte range has hit a home run.

Across the board, the shades are thick, easy to apply and creamy. The only shades which apply slightly patchy are Coral Sass, Be Me Baby and Plum This Show. When I say patchy, the end result is still gorge. You just need to add the extra five seconds of work.

Stay Matte

Stay Matte

Looking at the shades lined up, it looks like there are a lot of similar shades. And granted, there are similar ones. But they all have very different undertones which you can clearly see when they are swatched. At the end of the day there is a nudey pink shade for every single possible skin tone!

The most important part of the entire range: the matte-ness. These are dead on matte effect lippies! They dry down quite quickly, but not too fast that you cannot correct mistakes. They then dry down MATTE matte matte. As long as you have applied lip ice before (maybe even exfoliate your lips), you are good to go. The shade lasts forever, around 6 hours before needing a touch up. The one thing I will note is that if you are going to apply more on top after a while, it will go very tacky and drying. I recommend removing the product and reapplying instead of layering.

The brighter shades, while I will wear them less, are outstanding. The shades are bright, vibrant and do not flake at all. You get a good amount of product in the tube and this line up alone will probably take me to the end of 2018.

In the below images I am wearing Latte To Go and Moca together on the left. On the right I am wearing Pink Blink.

They honestly do last hours upon hours, even with drinking and eating. These are 100% Rayne approved so if you are on the hunt, you have found your new range!

The Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours are R119.95 each. You can find them at Clicks, Foschini online, Takealot and Zando.


Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 2:33 PM

    Great review. I have only ever tried their lipsticks and glosses….and I’m talking the range from like 3 years ago. Definitely will look out for this. Late to go and Pink Bliss are calling my name. The shades look stunning on you.

  2. Siobhan Yeatman at 3:08 PM

    I was in store the other day and spent so long swatching and playing with these that I think the sales staff thought I was trying to steal hahahaha
    I ended up liking one (and now can’t remember the name) and it was already sold out. I’ll know it when I look in store again but they’re beautiful!

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