California Dreams palette & makeup sponge from Kangol {REVIEW}

California Dreams palette & makeup sponge from Kangol {REVIEW}

It is a rare day when I review products that were purchased for me. Usually I will review a press drop or I purchase something myself. Family members pretty much know to not buy me make-up just because it is such a personal thing to get right! However, a family member of my boyfriend’s bought me some Kangol makeup and, bless her cotton socks, I thought it was the sweetest thing.

So first things first. I currently use no Kangol make-up at all. Once upon a time I adored a bronzer of theirs. I have no recollection of the name but it had crazy gold packaging and it was a great item. I actually used it until it was completely finished – fast forward a few years later and it is unheard of for me to finish a product!

Besides for this Kangol palette and sponges, she also got me some nail polish. I don’t do nail polish so I cannot comment on the quality BUT the colours were gorgeous. Apparently them have a vast selection of shades and effects and that is always impressive.

This one is called the California Dreams palette. The name is specified with a little white strip sticker on the back of the palette which I find gives it a very tacky look. The palette itself is housed inside of a thick tin kind of material which could look awful or super sleek and modern. I LOVE it and I think it is a very unique look and also helps to keep the palette very lightweight even though it is quite chunky.


As far as I can tell, there are five palettes to choose from and each costing R159. You get twelve shades in each, which is very generous at the price. I definitely think that the palettes in the range cover almost every style of make-up. There are nudes, smokey shades, bright neon colours, the works. Each palette contains mattes and shimmers. My palette has 9 shimmers and three mattes, with one matte being a great transition shade.

Looking at the shades in my palette, I thought they were GORGEOUS. It reminds me very much of a high end palette (not naming names but I am sure you can guess). Unfortunately they were disappointing when used in a look. Above everything I look for pigment and intensity. With these shades I achieved, at best, what I would call a daytime work appropriate look. I have tested five shades in total, with all of them offering very mediocre payoff. There was barely any fall out on the shadows and they blended really nicely, but the pigmentation was just not there.


Moving onto the Kangol sponges. I found them to be very dense when damp yet they were baby soft on my skin. Such a double edged sword! I think the price was silly cheap – something like R89 for two? But at the end of the day the sponge slurped up my foundy like a Two Oceans Marathon runner at the finish line. After two uses I promissed myself it was enough testing.

All in all I think the palette is SUPER affordable and then a worthwhile spend if you are looking for some very subtle eyeshadows. You aren’t going to get popping looks from it but you will get some pretty shades that blend smoothly and last long. The shimmers also have a very nice shimmer, nothing too sparkly and again, the shimmer lasts ages.

You can buy Kangol make-up exclusively from Truworths. You can also have a peek at their website and see the full collection. I will admit, I have my eyes on their matte liquid lippies!


Rayne XX


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